October 28, 2014

Fitzy - Peace for Turkey

Hello all!

This block is the 4th in our series of CQRR, and belong to Rengin in Istanbul, Turkey.

My first wish for this block was to let Rengin know that I wish her "Peace" in these trying times. Her country is going through so much right now, I cannot begin to imagine. I just wanted her to know we think about her, each time she casts her eyes on our RR.

The fabrics are all very slippery, and have quite a grain to them. The grain makes stitching a challenge. The block has been hand-pieced as well - I'm sure learning as I go along!!

My dove was done using a line drawing I found on the net. I adapted the tail and wing feathers since I couldn't replicate the scalloped edges neatly. I've yet to do the olive branch that the dove will carry in her beak.

Next, I am rimming the edges with pine boughs. I am trying to get the viewer to look "into" the block. I've found the pine boughs on Pinterest. I will add green to the branches, and bronze glass beads for pine cones. Perhaps some snow on the boughs like the inspiration, but I'll wait until the end to see if needs it. I have some white trees planned for just right of center, and I'd like to find a small deer to put in the center, next to those white trees. Then off to stitch the seams, very quietly and subtle.

Had dismal timing results in my 1000 Stairclimb, but to me, a finisher is a winner! Already have signed up for next year, and have my accomodation booked. A race in the canyon in 2 weeks, sure hope my knee feels better!

Have an awesome week!


Suztats said...

Love the dove! It looks great, and your plans for the block sound good. Waiting for more eye candy..... ;-)

Judy S. said...

Your dove looks great! Nice plan for the rest, too. Hope your knee recovers quickly; that was quite an undertaking and impressive that you even finished1

ladyhawthorne said...

The dove is lovely, I like how you finished the feather ends. Is that a tree in the center fabric piece? Sure looks like one to me. Love the idea of the pine boughs too.

Barbara C said...

Gorgeous fabrics in your block. You're off to a great start.

Moira said...

Looks like the block will give you lots of room to play as you embellish it.

Reading about the pine branches you want to add, that center piece in the block iwth the color layout reminds of the upper part of a tree. Will be looking forward to seeing what you do.

Cyra said...

A gorgeous dove Fitzy, it worked really well.