September 16, 2014

Susan: No Handwork

Another one of those weeks. I can't seem to get away from them. I thought with fall coming round, life would slow down, but I was wrong. Bah, humbug! But I did get borders on this one Saturday:

I also have this one small block for a swap ready for hand-stitching the sewing machine:

Today, I helped two people with applique, one needle-turn and one wool, so that was my stitching good-deed for the week. I don't seem to have a lot of umph by the time I have a minute to sew.


Suztats said...

The border looks great! love all the fun colours. Hmmm, that looks like my sewing
hugs from Suz

ladyhawthorne said...

Yay for doing the good deed!

I really like the bright colors in the quilt and the sewing machine block. The quilt being set off with black reminds me of the Amish quilts I've seen.

Barbara C said...

Nice job on your quilt: I like the colorful borders too. I hope things slow down and give you more stitching time.

Cyra said...

Love your sewing machine block, and those batiks are great.
Well done for getting the borders on the quilt, it's one step closer to being in the 'finished' pile, lol.

cq4fun said...

I was hugely influenced by the Amish years ago, when I lived in New Jersey and began quilting more frequently. Then I went through the folk art period and used it a lot, too. I still like a lot of black in quilts, but do other things sometimes now, too.

For me, this is finished. It goes off to American Heroes where someone else will quilt and bind it. =)