September 3, 2014

Fitzy - Sashiko (and she doesn't even know what day it is!!)

Oh my! I got my entire post done, and looked to see who else already had their's "scheduled". Then, being me...realized that TODAY IS WEDNESDAY! I've been WAITING to post today, I finished my stitching on SUNDAY! Such an airhead.

I beat it. Or maybe, just maybe it beat me!

I've completed the section where I wanted to do Sashiko. I'll take it under advisement that it was a "learning experience" since I spat out so many nasties in the process, they were justified, RIGHT?

First, I tried the light box. The light wasn't bright enough to penetrate the satin and the muslin layers. Couple that with my white chalk pencil refusing to mark the satin. Then I traced the pattern onto a piece of transparency plastic with a Sharpie.

Still wasn't dark enough for the light box. Next, I tried piercing the plastic with a large needle, hoping to pounce the pattern. O.M.G. #1 it took forever, and made a horrible screeeeeching sound, and #2...the pounce made a huge mess, and I was seriously afraid I'd made a terminal mistake. Crisis averted, it cleaned up well. After poking all the holes however, I realized that some of the Sharpie was transferring to the foam underneath, and I didn't want it to transfer to the fabric during the next trial. My daughter advised that hand sanitizer removed Sharpie, and it worked wonderfully.

After taping the block to the window for our terrifically bright AZ sunshine, I rubbed chalk all over the holes. Another blurry mess. I had also transferred one strip of the pattern to the plastic and cut one strip off. Back to the design table, and this is what I finally used with an air soluable marker.

This didn't even begin to address the thread! I had a skein of (what I think was) actual Sashiko thread in my collection. No matter which end I used it knotted constantly. Gave that up and went to the standard perle cotton.

So now on to the rest of the block! I'm thinking it needs a cherry blossom branch across the bottom, and I have a patina'd Japanese coin and some beads with Chinese characters on the, for an accent. Need to add a bit of ribbon and lace and get this show on the road!

Thanks for being on the bumpy road ride!

Many of the photos appear out of phase, what's the trick to getting them right side up? Nonetheless, the light green kimono silk is the bottom of the block!


Judy S. said...

LOL, it was a relief to see someone else was confused by the Monday holiday! Interesting block! I love the colors. Hand sanitizer and Sharpies, eh? Now you have me wondering whether they remove skin, too!

Barbara C said...

You get bonus points for persistence, and in the end your markings look sharp and clear, so your dedication was rewarded. I look forward to seeing the block develop.

ladyhawthorne said...

Great job thanks to your perseverance!

Cyra said...

Fitzy, your sashiko stitching is fabulous, and, in my view, well worth the effort. I hope you feel good about it too.

Judy FYI, hand sanitizer uses non-toxic ethyl alcohol which is the same alcohol used in your spirits drinks (Vodka, Whisky etc), so it is ok if it is absorbed by the skin.

Suztats said...

In spite of all the problems with the sashiko, it looks great! That is going to be one sweet block.

Moira said...

I'm glad you persevered thru all of the problems. You did great work on sashiko! Am looking forward to seeing else you add.

Moira said...

I'm glad you persevered thru all of the problems. You did great work on sashiko! Am looking forward to seeing else you add.

cq4fun said...

It may have been a nightmare in the production, but it's really beautiful and so perfect for that spot!