September 30, 2014

Fitzy - 3rd CQRR Block

Good day! This is my next block in the Round Robin. I've chosen this one, from the creator's set, a bit differently. I chose not "my favorite colored block", or "my favorite style block", etc. Instead, I chose the block that I felt was going to be the easiest to embellish. (I would NOT have chosen this block at all under previously mentioned criteria!)
I plan to put some beads in the top loops of the "carnation" and perhaps some chips or french knots where the flower meets the green. A smaller second flower will be added to the right, a bit lower and at 45-degree angle to the first.

Lots of potential for this block!

We're back into the thick of racing season, I completed a 4-mile road race Sunday. Recovery time is getting shorter, I can almost walk without a limp now! ☺ It's also gotten cooler finally, I could even open my window to let a bit of fresh air in this morning! Woo-hoo!

Make it a FANTASTIC week ladies!


Suztats said...

A very pretty block I'm sure you'll enjoy embellishing. Nice soft colours. Have fun!

ladyhawthorne said...

It's a lovely block and your carnation is perfect for it!

Barbara C said...

Very strong start on your block. It looks like a good foundation for some fun needlework.

Cyra said...

Looking good Fitzy. I like that you have the main embroidery all planned and ready for stitching.
Good luck with the racing.

cq4fun said...

One way of choosing is as good as another. =) I like your carnation!