September 16, 2014

Cy - A Crochet Heart Tutorial

Last week I posted on my blog a tutorial for this crochet heart which I made into a birthday card for someone special.

Isn't this just wonderful.
I have just snapped this double rainbow from my deck. It was even brighter than the photo shows, and the second rainbow is more prominent in real life too. A shame the photo does not show it to its full glory.

I also took a shot of the whole arc across the sky, showing the light sky under it and the dark sky above it, but... (sorry) ... I must have had my hand in the way of the lens as it turned out too blurred and hidden. I was trying to shield the camera from the rain.

Anyway, I hope you get that it was a glorious moment, lol.

I have a couple of very welcome visitors coming to stay for a long weekend with us.
I'm looking forward to a good catch-up with Emma (dd) and Chris.

I have been 'tagged' in the Blog-Hop, and will be posting on my blog next Monday (22nd Sept) all about my work and my creative processes. There may be something there to surprise you as you learn a bit more about me.


ladyhawthorne said...

I'll have to keep your blog in mind for next week!

Lovely heart, I would wear it as a pin.

Barbara C said...

That's a very special card, and a great photo. A double rainbow is a magical thing. I don't think I would have had the presence of mind to grab the camera.

Cyra said...

I think it would look lovely as a pin Angela.

Lol, Barbara, I was busy admiring it for a while before I thought to grab my phone/camera, hence it had faded a bit by the time I got out on the deck.

Suztats said...

What is it that they say about seeing a double rainbow? Something to do with luck, maybe? Anyway, it was a great find, and something not often seen.
Love the heart-card.

cq4fun said...

I look forward to reading your blog hop post. The rainbow is gorgeous, and they are SO hard to catch! I'll check out your tutorial - great card!