August 19, 2014

Moira - Progress

This past week I pulled out one of my uncooperative projects that have been sitting in 'time-out' for a couple of years because it had refused to cooperate with me.    This is a block robin that I did with some friends that I'm in an online quilt group with.   

This block robin started with a piece of cross-stitch that I finished back in 1990.   (Yes I have oodles of cross-stitch UFO's in addition to all of the quilty ones, but that is another story all together.   LOL)  Since getting the original blocks back in 2011 I have not made any progress on it because I just couldn't get them arranged in a way that I liked.   Pic to the right shows how it looked as of the last time that I had tried to arranged the blocks and sections.    The block
Last night i finally figured out that what was tripping me up were the pink/turquoise blocks that were arranged around one block. (No I didn't do that the person who made the block did.)   That arrangement just kept the focus on that single block instead of playing nicely with all of the other parts. 

Once I finally 'heard' what the quilt had been trying to tell me all along (ok so I'm  a wee bit hard of hearing and stubborn at times) then the answer was apparent.   So frog-stitching was the first order of the day today to remove the half-square triangle block border strips.  Once that was done then I could rearrange the main blocks again and start filling in the gaps with all of the filler blocks that I already had.

Next up was to make a 9" block that brought more of the yellow from the cross-stitch into the quilt.  For that I made an Ohio Star block with yellow points and a gold center.    Next up to be made are a 6" block for the bottom left and about 7 - 3" blocks to fill in the bigger areas of the top.   I'm still thinking about what to do with the star at the upper left.   First thought is to take the turquoise framing strips off and replace them with WOW's ones.   I'm sure that the quilt will let me know if it doesn't like my first idea....or the second one.....or    I'm just glad to be finally making progress on this critter. 


ladyhawthorne said...

Spreading around those blue & pink borders made a huge difference. I think you will have this figured out in no time now!

cq4fun said...

This is going to be much prettier than the original plan. I think that angel star needs to go on the back, and be replaced with something else. ;)

Suztats said...

I like the new plan much better.
I wonder how the pink and turqoise would look lined up across the bottom? And the green and yellow triangles across the top? I rather like the star, and can picture it in the center of the quilt since it has many of the repeating quilt colours in its design. I picture the other blocks surrounding the big star with stripes of the solid colours or the alternating blocks between them.
It just occured to me that this quilt looks like it is based on the 3 Magi, so it would fit that the star be in the middle surrounded by the Magi and their gifts. Anyway, just a thought. I'm sure no matter how you design it, it'll be stunning.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Just keep listening, perhaps it is whispering? Good progress.

Barbara C said...

It was a great solution to take apart that block. You're doing a good job of letting the blocks lead the way.

Suztats said...

I've been looking at this again. What strikes me is that you have several blocks that are solid-coloured, and an equal(?) number that have a white background with colour in the center. I think they may be fighting with one another. Perhaps that is one reason why the fitting together has not been pleasing to the eye? Just an observation.

Moira said...

The solid vs. white background might be part of it. I know the intensity of the pink/turq. when in large amounts was definitely bothering me. Spread out I'm liking it much better now.