August 12, 2014

Barbara: Working on a Small Scale

I'm still making lap/nap quilts.  They're such a nice manageable size, 36-40x 50 inches, I don't feel overwhelmed nor committed to a lifelong project.   This one was made of orphan blocks, and I think I did a good job composing this collection of leftovers into a semi-coherent whole.  Like the previous nap quilts, this one was backed with flannel, which was turned to the front of the quilt to form the binding.

I decided to tackle some of my cotton yarn stash, mostly because a few balls usually fall out of their bag when I go into the Closet of Doom.  This fun dishtowel was knit with a free pattern and two balls of kitchen cotton.  Although the pattern is for size 5 needles, I used a size 7 so I'd get a bigger towel, since a I knew it would shrink.  Before it was washed the towel measured 19.5 x 22, and it measured 18.5 x 20 after washing.  I love the way the colors pooled.

Yes, I looked silly taking this picture while sitting on my kitchen floor.  "What are you doing?" said Michael.  "Don't ask," I replied.


ladyhawthorne said...

Great country life quilt!

I've knitted dishcloths but never thought about a towel before, I'll have to keep that idea stashed!

Suztats said...

At first I thought you were knitting a dishcloth, but then I saw the size and thought"whoa!" lol I bet they're absorbent. Nice lap quilt, perfect for cuddling under once fall arrives.

Moira said...

Love the assortment of blocks in the quilt! Some of them are really neat. You did a great job of putting them together.