July 1, 2014

Susan: CQJP2014 March Reveal

Here is Seam 73, the last one I did on this block. There may be more I do later, but not until blocks are together, or at least laid out so I know what is going where.

This is Embellishment 28. It's really too open for the rest of the block, but I love it just as it is. I will try to find a block that is more open on its left side to put against this so that it flows more. I really hate to think of adding one single thing to this. Nothing seems right. I'll know when it is.

Finally, I did add some silk ribbon roses. These are French knot centers with stem stitch all around. Above, you can see a couple of other flowers I've added, and I think in that area, I may have to add one more - gotta be odd numbers, ya know. Besides, I'm not completely satisfied with that part.

And the completed block, as of now.

It's been overcast and/or rainy and stormy (and steamy!) every day for the last two weeks, maybe longer. I've been looking for a sunny day to photograph my Flower Fairies top, and it just isn't happening! But the grass is green and stuff is growing, so I guess it isn't all bad.


Cyra said...

Your full block is really lovely Susan. I actually love the swirly thing (bottom right), as it is slightly different to the rest of the block and adds interest, and I'm not sure that it really 'needs' anything else. I like it as it is.

We've also had nothing but rain for the last two weeks. The fields are looking lush green now and the cows are happy and well fed, but the garden area and the parking area by the barn are a bit too boggy. Long periods of rain can be a bit of a novelty here, but I'm over it now and hope we get the sun back again soon.

Moira said...


Suztats said...

I love the swirly thing, too! The block is Fab!

Debra said...

I agree. The Swirly is perfect to offset the other stitching.

Be fun to see the Fairies again too.

QuiltingFitzy said...

YUP, the swirlies are divine! Maybe some teeny-tiny pearl seed beads on the outside, near the end of each tendril?

I really like the blending of big and small scale here, keeps your eye moving!