July 15, 2014

Cy - Another Heart & More Building Blocks

Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt

 Week 26

Last week I hinted that I may be doing a crochet heart during my stitching week.
Well, here it is, as promised.
I'm rather pleased with how this one turned out.
It started as a 'pineapple' crochet motif, and just got its embellishment when I stitched a crochet cord in a beautiful rich burgundy thread.

And more on the Building Blocks Quilt

I think I am finished with the reds/rusts/pinks shades and now I'm heading into the blues.

Gradually getting all the 'bits' together for this quilt.
So far I haven't removed any of the paper templates yet as the parts aren't big enough, but I am looking forward to when I can start to remove the papers and get it looking more like a quilt.


Judy S. said...

That's going to be an amazing quilt, Cy! I really like the colors you've chosen. Love the heart, as always!

Cyra said...

Thank you Judy. I'm loving the portability of this quilt even if the paper piecing takes up a lot of time.

ladyhawthorne said...

It's gorgeous. I have never tried the paper piecing but a lot of people say it is easier to keep things accurate.

Suztats said...

LOVE that heart, Cy! The crochet cord really sets it off.
Your BB quilt looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing more blocks and how they complement one another. It must be fun choosing the fabrics for each piece.

Moira said...

The quilt is wonderful and almost makes me want to do one for myself!

Cyra said...

Angela... Yes paper piecing is very good for keeping your points and corners sharp, and it's great for small things to stitch while traveling etc.

Suz... Thanks. The fabrics are mostly scrap pieces. I only need 3 piece of fabric about 5" square for each set of 3 hexagon BB's.

Moira... Thank you. The final placement of the building blocks might be a bit of a surprise, and I have something rather different planned for the quilting bit, if I ever get that far without changing my mind, lol.