July 1, 2014

Cy - 4 weeks of Crazy Heart Quilt

Week 21

Crochet doily with a flower center. 

Week 22

Monogram playtime.
M is for Mark. 

Week 23

My family NEST.

Week 24

The beginnings of an encrusted area on the quilt.

The Building Blocks Quilt update.

This might not be the final layout for these particular building blocks. I just put them in this order for the photos.

Happy Stitching


Moira said...

Love the start of the building blocks quilt! Great work on the CQ as well.

Suztats said...

Love the encrusted beginning, and those building blocks, Cy! Admiring your crocheting, and wishing I had more time........

Barbara C said...

So many lovely projects! Your building blocks really draw my eye, I love paper pieced quilts.

Debra said...

You are such a free bird. I love everything!

Cyra said...

Thanks to all. Enjoying my stitching time.

ladyhawthorne said...

It's all wonderful but I especially love the nest and the encrusted bit.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Love, love, LOVE the pieced hexagons.

The pink crocheted piece reminds me of the tam-o-shanters back in the day! I'm waiting for crocheted vests come back into vogue.

It's really amazing how much work you get accomplished, I'm JEALOUS!

Cyra said...

Fitzy, not all the sewing I've posted here are from just one week. I missed a couple of show-&-tell posts here, so this is about 4 weeks worth of stitching.
I didn't do a post here last week because we lost our internet connection for a couple of days midweek.

Judy S. said...

Wow! I think I know your secret for all the great projects; it's winter, right? Love those building blocks; they are going to make a great quilt. Wish you were closer for some crochet assistance...have you seen any of Vicky Chan's patterns on Ravelry?

cq4fun said...

The stitching is all wonderful. I want to see what comes after the encrusted beginning. =)