July 15, 2014

Angela ~ Summer Non-Sewing Projects

I have been busy creating, just not the sewing kind.
I've been working on the front patio which was faded out pavers and a roof and it was too hot to sit out there in the afternoon.  I started by extending the patio out 3 feet to the edge of the roof and painting them, adding a Mediterranean pattern.  You can see that post on my blog here

Now I have the lattice wall completed and the succulent planter done as well.
(click to enlarge photos)

We have very high winds here and part of the reason for the wall was to knock out enough wind that the patio chairs do not go sailing anymore, especially when we get a dust storm.  
The lattice cost me less than $20 since I used primer, paint & screws we already had, and the lattice itself was ripped down on the table saw from free boards that came out of a horse barn.  Each piece was cut, primed and painted before being screwed into place.
The succulent planter is made from 2 short metal file cabinets bolted together, primed & painted.  
With the rustic branch arbor out in the front yard I wanted to bring that element to the patio so small branches were silicone glued onto each side. 
This is it planted up but not totally done yet, I ran out of the blue glass marbles and still need a plant or two to fill in the left side.
This is my little mixed plant group near the door.  Papa's old milkcan holds a clay pot of plants, the rusted out bucket from the same place I got the wood has a planting of blue daze, and the larger plastic pot I dry brushed with the blue paint to bring out the detail, holds a gardenia.  The Welcome frog will move once I get the walkway extension done and the pot on the right is temporarily holding a wisteria that will get planted in the center of the lattice wall.  There's a jasmine in the back that will grow up the lattice too.
These are what has kept me busy for the last few weeks in addition to the garden. 
You can check out my blog post for today for more details on these projects.


Cyra said...

Oh Angela, that's such a gorgeous patio now. Absolutely love all the creative things you have done. Great work.
I like the idea of the wisteria growing up that latticework.
I wouldn't know where to start on renovating a patio area, but you have certainly done yourself proud there girl.

Suztats said...

Oh, this is very inviting Angela! I bet it will be the perfect spot to while away a hot afternoon, reading or stitching. Well done!
I love wisteria dangling from an arbor or lattice work. It looks so beautiful, and I hear the aroma is wonderful.

Judy S. said...

Wow, Angela, you are amazing! You should be a landscape architect, if you aren't already. It's really hard to stay inside and stitch when there are garden chores waiting, isn't it?
Here there's been NO rain, so we don't even have that excuse! (for now anyway!)

ladyhawthorne said...

Since the afternoons have been over 100 I am opting to stay inside after lunch. Thank you for all the lovely compliments.