June 10, 2014

Suz- Wedding Piece

On the stitching front, I have added more to the wedding piece, although progress is slow.

 There will be more leaves and bullions, as well as flower clusters

I've begun adding another branch to the right side, and it's almost ready for the weaving portion of the casalguidi stitch.

I am enjoying this process. I'm considering adding either stumpwork petals or raised petals to the large flower. (shown on the right side of this photo)

I'll also be adding smaller branches to the large casalguidi branch, and then I shall have to decide if more stitching should be added to the triangle center of the lace 'frame'. What do you think?

The June StitchMAP challenge has been sitting on my desk for a week, and I must begin it soon.

Hope you've had a stitchy week.
Hugs from Suz



ladyhawthorne said...

Wow, just wow!

Moira said...


Deborah McLaughlin said...

Beautiful work!

Cyra said...

Oh my! Another week of delightful stitching from you Suz.
You brighten my day.

Judy S. said...

Amazing! Somehow I've missed the recipient of this stunning piece? Your stitching is awesome, Suz!

Suztats said...

Thanks ladies!
Judy, this piece is for my BIL and his fiancee. She loves antiques, old lace and doilies. They are both keen gardeners. Parts of the wedding invitation appear on the fabric along with 2 photos of the couple. DH is making a special intarsia frame we designed for the piece (they
both like intarsia very much) and we hope it will be a unique wedding gift for them.