June 24, 2014

Suz- Wedding Piece and HEX

I thought I'd show a photo of my completed June HEX LABS from StitchMAP.  I chose the blackwork maple leaf, and found it to be a little challenging, especially since:
a) this is my first blackwork piece
b) this piece requires compensation stitches
c) the maple leaf is designed to be reversible  ahem.....mine is not reversible.......lol
Still, it was a fun challenge with a new-to-me technique.

The reverse might have worked out better if I wasn't rushing a bit.

The wedding is late next month, so I have to scramble to finish my stitching.

Here's my progress:

There's not a lot of additions to the left side, but I did add more bullions in the same pale, variegated pink thread I used for the buttonhole lace.
 It's difficult to get clear close-ups that show the subtle colourations.
This will be left as is until more stitching has been completed elsewhere
 On the right side, tendrils and bullions have been added as I begin to embellish this area

  Buttonhole lace was added to the right side in the V of the frame.
 tatted leaves
 and tatted flowers await their placement
Huge pink peonies grace my diningroom table. They are so full and heavy, even the supports I used couldn't keep the stems from flopping.

That's it for this week. I hope you've been having fun stitching.

Hugs from Suz



ladyhawthorne said...

I love blackwork and mine is not reversible either.

The wedding piece is sure going to be a treasure to pass down in the family.

I only wish we could grow peonies here.

cq4fun said...

The blackwork piece is lovely, and I'm glad it isn't black. This is so effective. The wedding piece is prettier each time you show details. I'm impressed with the tiny things you can tat! Your peonies are lovely. So nice not to have to buy flowers at the store!

Judy S. said...

I am anxious to see that whole wedding piece..... Your work on it is amazing! Like Angela said, a real treasure. Nice "black" work! No one is supposed to look at the back of our stuff, right?

Suztats said...

Hmmm, blogger is not showing any reply options......so,.....
Thanks, Ladies. I am itching to get the Wedding Piece finished, as the deadline is looming. Once it's all done and framed (and given to the couple) I'll show photos of the whole thing with the neat frame DH is making.
I do like my "purplework". Sometimes, so I'm told, they are reversible works, so yes, the backs are seen. (I'm thinking a blackwork mobile or lampshade as 2 possibilities) but mine is going to have a backing on it. (whew!)

Barbara C said...

Both pieces are exceptional stitching examples. Beautiful work. The wedding piece will be a treasure.

Debra said...

Your wedding piece is above and beyond lovely!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Your work is absolutely amazing. Thank you for continuing to share and furthering the art of crazy quilting!! I'm totally humbled by the beauty of this wedding piece.

Cyra said...

Eye candy once again. "Be still" my quickening heart.
The only thing I am worried about, is what am I going to do for eye-candy when you have finished this project. I hope you have another once planned.

Suztats said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
Don't worry, Cy, I have a long list of other things I want to stitch......so i hope you'll enjoy them, too........