June 17, 2014

Susan: Only a Little Bit Done

It seems every time I sit down to stitch, something comes up. I finally did get a little bit done today, though I don't think this is really finished. Judy, when this block is finished, I'll show all the nine finished ones together.

I still can't comment on this and most other blogspot blogs, and it's very frustrating. I am reading everyone's posts, though, and appreciating all the hard work and beauty you are creating. Jenny of Elefantz figured out what to do about the posting issues! It requires a small change in the setting, which Debra will have to do when she has some free time, but I have the answer now! I hate not knowing the answers! =)

Here's my seam of the week.


Cyra said...

It maybe only one seam yes, but what a fabulous one it is. Love the flower head colour variations.
Hoping that the 'one-fix' from Debra sorts out your commenting on blogs problem.

Barbara C said...

That's a lovely seam. The centers remind me of cat tails (the plant).

Suztats said...

It's a great seam! Love it. Hope you're back to commenting soon.

Judy S. said...

I agree, your seam reminds me of cat tails also. Can't wait for the "big picture"! Did you email Debra in case she doesn't read this?

desertskyquilts said...

As I was stitching the seam, it looked like cat tails to me, too. =) Look, I can comment!