June 3, 2014

Susan: More Seams

The first one, Seam 70 was inspired by something on Annie's Loopy Lace blog. Even though she hasn't posted in 2.5 years, and hasn't responded to e-mails, so I don't know what might have befallen her, the blog is still up and has wonderful inspiration. I'm still not getting the greatest pictures. Me or the camera? You decide! LOL

Seam 71 is from another Annie seam. It was an embellishment on another cretan seam she did. If you want to see particular kinds of stitches, just put in the base stitch, like cretan, and all the posts for that will come up. I wanted to do something to embellish the lace, but not too much. There is more that is going on the ends and I didn't want to get too involved on the middle of the lace.

The feather stitching you see is the base of some, I hope, fancier SRE floral work around the picture. We'll see. Now that I'm in the groove more (thanks, Aunt Jo!), I will have to go back and add a little more to Suz's mom and Aunt Bobbie. Probably not until I catch up, though! Aunt Jo is only March!

A few more facts about Aunt Jo:

  • Her most important charity was an unwed mother’s home which she supported from the day it opened its doors until the day it closed down.
  • She went to college and was a strong part of the women’s movement.
  • My friend, Candi, spent more time at her house, growing up, than in her parents' home. She was the only really tolerated child of Aunt Jo's husband.


Suztats said...

Coming along beautifully Susan! All the lovely stitches frame your Aunt Jo so nicely.

Judy S. said...

Lovely stitching, Susan. Maybe Annie is on Facebook now? It seems many bloggers have done that.

Cyra said...

Thanks for the link to Annie's blog, it's a rich source of stitching inspiration.
Love your delicate and beautiful stitching on this block.

Barbara C said...

I love your stories about Aunt Jo: she sounds like my kind of woman. SRE embellishments will look great on that feather stitch vine.

Moira said...

your work continues to be beautiful!

Debra said...

good thought-

Debra said...