June 10, 2014

Moira - Wedding quilt and UFO progress

Thanks to being on summer vacation now I've been able to make a bunch of progress on sewing this week.

I've been able to get the remainder of the top for the wedding quilt put together.   The design I'd drawn up had called for 15 rows of 12 blocks (6" finished), and I found I'd miscounted when making the blocks.   As a result I was short 5 of one of the blocks.   It fits the top of my queen-sized bed, so rather than making more blocks I'm just going to make the border (originally to be 8" cut) to be a wee bit bigger and call it good.   =)   I still need to put the border on, but before I can cut it I have to clean off my cutting table so I have room for the fabric.

In other progress I've finished up 4 of the commissioned garments that I've had cut out for months now, and am busy working on number 5.    I'm hoping to make a delivery in person the week of the 22nd rather than mailing them and paying for postage.  I'll continue to work on this stuff over the next 7 weeks, and am hoping to make a very big dent in the amount of commissioned stuff that I have sitting here.    I'll also be trading off and working on several other projects as well during the summer.    I've a lot of sewing / quilting to get caught up on!


ladyhawthorne said...

The quilt looks beautiful!

Cyra said...

Gorgeous quilt. Good luck with your 'catch-up' projects.

Judy S. said...

Ssounds like you have a very busy stitchy summer ahead! Happy Vacation anyhow.

Suztats said...

The wedding quilt is a beauty, Moira. Sounds like you have a working holiday planned. Happy stitching!