June 10, 2014

Cy - Whoooops

I wrote a little poem
To tell you about my week,
But the dog ate my pencil
And my pen began to leak.

My oven exploded on Friday,
So I spent such a lot of time
Clearing up that awful mess,
The dinner inside it was mine.

The weekend here was very damp,
I really shouldn't complain.
Our river overflowed it's banks
And it's chucking it down again.

I finished up my crochet
And put it on the bed.
The photo turned out purple
But the 'thing' is pinky/red.

I hung the waistcoat on a branch
To get a better shot
But a load of squishy bird poo
Was all I b***dy got

So I'm giving up for this post,
I know when I am beat.
I've got seven days to recover
And then everything will be sweet.

So I'll see you all again next week,
(Providing I'm still be sane)
To show you all my latest stuff
And hope it wasn't in vain.



ladyhawthorne said...

I've had weeks like that. Hope things get better for you!

Judy S. said...

Here's to a WAY BETTER next week! (Although I did enjoy the verse..... You are a clever one, even on a bad week!)

Cyra said...

Cheers Angela ;-)

Cyra said...

I probably wouldn't call it a "bad" week Judy......... it was more hilarious than bad, lol.

Moira said...

Hope this next week goes better for you!

Suztats said...

Never a dull moment, eh? Hope next week is more to your liking and sanity prevails. lol