June 3, 2014

Barbara's Changed Ways

I got the center of my butterfly quilt pieced.  Those big blocks are very forgiving, a good thing since my piecing skills have gotten a little rusty from disuse. 

I have lots of this bubblegum pink for the inner border, so that was an easy decision, but the outer border stumped me.  I tried a few different pieced blocks, and I struggled with the size these blocks should be.  

In the end I decided on a simple string of 4-patch blocks, which emphasizes the hominess of the quilt.  Also, I'm determined not to add any of the left-over fabric back into my stash.  Whatever doesn't get used up by the border, will go into one or more baby quilts I can set aside for gifts.  I'm shooting for an empty drawer where this project's supplies once lived.  I think I can do it.

I want to finish this quilt and get if off the design wall.  In the past, I'd have let it marinate in the closet before I tackled the borders, but I think I'm slowly changing my ways.


Judy S. said...

I just love this quilt, Barbara! Will your fabric stash really be gone then?

Barbara C said...

Only the 30s reproductions I used for this quilt. I've got plenty of other fabrics to work with, and enough scraps for several quilts.

Debra said...

I think the patched border is just fine. The colors in this quilt are very refreshing.

Barbara C said...

The border is growing on me.

Suztats said...

I love this quilt! Such a warm and homey feeling to it--it brings back memories of Gramma's quilts and snuggling beneath them on cool nights. The center looks great and I love the butterflies. Interesting to note how well all the different patterns and colours go together. I wouldn't have thought they'd be harmonious, but they are. I don't work with a lot of patterns/colours in the same project and I don't think I could have visualized this finished. Hats off!

Cyra said...

This is delightful Barbara. I love that you are using only the repro fabrics for this quilt. It has that vintage quality that I love.
The inner pink border is just the right pink to enclose all the lovely butterflies. It's going great. Almost done now, and will be off that wall and onto the bed in the blink of an eye.