May 20, 2014

Suz--May Late

Hi everyone. I'm posting late again, sorry. My Sis arrived Friday for a visit and left this afternoon, so there wasn't much stitching accomplished while she was here.
I did, however, begin a new project late last week. It's for an upcoming wedding, but, in order to protect the identity of the couple, their photos were smudged.

the lace monogram

Josephine knots cascading along the lace trims

more JK's to come

parts of the wedding invitation is included in this embroidery

 more embellishing and embroidering will happen, and perhaps some silk ribbon embroidery as well will appear on this piece

to date, we plan an oval presentation under glass and DH will create a fabulous frame.

it's a beginning..........

and that's it for this week stitch-wise

my hands are sore from gardening/weeding/mulching, digging, and hauling flagstone and rocks
Hope you've had a creative week.
Hugs from Suz


Debra said...

They are going to love their special gift!

QuiltingFitzy said...

It's indeed special! Are your prints on silk? Love it! Take care of you!

ladyhawthorne said...


Cyra said...

Absolutely adore the lace monogram and how you placed it off-centre. The whole piece is lovely and will surely be treasured by the recipients.

Barbara C said...

What a lovely keepsake.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Beautiful; lucky couple!

Suztats said...

They're just on cotton, Fitzy.

Moira said...

That is going to be a great wedding gift!

Judy S. said...

i can relate; we've been out of town w/ no email or computer access. Love that wedding photo. What's a Josephine Knot?