May 6, 2014

Susan: February Reveal

I'm still not able to post comments, but we'll see if the post goes up this week. It's frustrating, because Blogspot does let me post comments about 40% of the time, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern when I can or can't. I click publish and it either goes on or it disappears never to be seen again. Sigh.

So, February is finished! Or as much as it will be until the time to join the blocks. Sorry for the pitiful pictures. Here are some details:

Embellishment 27, the dandelion field:

A new look at Seam 63:

A new look at Embellishment 25 & 26 together:

A new look at Embellishment 24:

Seam 64:

Completed block:

I had one too dark picture and one too light. I decided a little dark was better.


Debra Spincic said...

I really like the colors added to the block and the embroidery. Pretty!

Moira said...

Looks wonderful!

Suztats said...

Mom looks very happy surrounded by pretty embroidery. I love it!

Cyra said...

Love the dandelion field Susan. There is a beautiful cohesive look to the whole block. An excellent job I'd say. Great framing of the focal point photo too.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the Embellishment 25 & 26, my favorite part but it's all wonderful.

Judy S. said...

Looks wonderful, Susan! I always love to see your pretty stitching. As for the post problems, have you tried copying your post before you "post"? At least then if it disappears, you can just paste what you just wrote until it finally decides to post. I wonder if it's some weird glitch between Blogger and Wordpress?

QuiltingFitzy said...

WOW! Really like your pallet and stitching organization. Just plain has a sincere feel to all of it, what a lovely piece.

Barbara C said...

You've added so many pretty details to this block. The portrait at the center is wonderful.