May 27, 2014

Susan: 3 Seams for the Week!

Maybe it was having the holiday, or maybe something else, but I did seem to get a lot of crazy quilting done this week - if you call three seams a lot, and I do right now!

This is the first one I did, seam 67 since I started Ati's grandmother's block. This was inspired by something I saw on a round robin Rose Anne posted a while back. It's the second set, the buttonhole set that has a seam that's been percolating in my head for more than a year. There's going to be more around the bottom and sides - maybe SRE. This is all Sassa Lynne perle variegated cotton thread.

Seam 68 was inspired by a seam from Linda Causee's book published by ASN, An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs. It is Seam 81, based on the Maidenhair Stitch. There are some differences in what I did, but you can clearly see the likeness if you have that book. It's stitched in Eterna Silk twist 12, Turf, for the Maidenhair and leaves. The floral part is HDF Gandy Dancer 1103.

Seam 69 was copied almost exactly from a seam in Betty Pillsbury's Victorian Crazy Quilt Blocks. If you have that comb-bound booklet, it's in the fifth block. If you don't, and you want it, I linked to the craftsy page of her items for sale. It is stitched in Sassa Lynne except for the 5-armed things. That's 2 strands of a Needle Necessities variegated cotton floss.

A few more facts about Aunt Jo:
  • Jo was the first woman to wear trousers on a cross country train trip.
  • She and her husband owned two restaurants which did very well, and they helped others, including a restaurant at the Bakersfield airport.
  • Pearl, Jo's sister, took some of her hair ribbons and they argued about that until they died.

Block so far ... because I know it's about time for Judy to ask me! Sorry it isn't that great a picture, Judy, but you can get the idea.


Moira said...

Love how the seams are looking. The second one that you show is that based on a slanted buttonhole stitch? (Nope I don't have the book....). I'm thinking that it might also show up in my kitten project.

Judy S. said...

This is going to be another beautiful block, Susan. Candi will love it. The Mom's quilt is going to be spectacular!

Moira said...

From Susan - I thought of it as feather stitching.  The difference is each stitch comes up to, or close to, the same height as the first one, so each one gets longer. Feather stitch is a form of buttonhole, of course, so you could look at it that way, too.  maidenhair stitch tutorial

Debra said...

Definitely gets my vote of approval this week! Very lovely-hope you use it more!

Suztats said...

Gorgeous seams! I love the layers of seam 67. 68 is really light and pretty. 69 is very interesting, and i love the threads. Fabbo!

Cyra said...

With your whites/neutral fabric, and the gorgeous coloured threads you are using, this is one very appealing block. I'm loving all your stitch variations. You must really be enjoying 'rifling' through all those old embroidery books. Carry on the good work.

ladyhawthorne said...

All the seams are gorgeous but #68 is out of the ball park fabulous!

Deb said...

Beautiful stitching. I will definitely steal these for the CQ since I've begun to run out of ideas,,, gorgeous work!

QuiltingFitzy said...

m..m..mmm. Loves me your stitchin' !!! Love the green leaves, love the turquoise against the white, love the simplicity mixed with complexity. You've got it all. Forever indebted to all that you've given me.