April 1, 2014

Suz- Late Update

I'm running late this week, but it's all been about the cuff bracelets:

lace, tatting, beads, and embroidery.........

some have dangles, too

ribbons, toggles, buttons.......
some need pressing and some need buttons......

some are simple, and others are fancy
  some need toggles or clips,

but all have been stitched,

even the ones with butterflies
  some are pretty, some rugged

some are for children, but most are for larger wrists to sport

there are hearts, too

and if you've been counting, there are 21 cuffs for the Embroidery Guild table, and one on my wrist

Do you have a favourite? Which one?

Well, I must finish the closures, add the buttons, toggles and clasps as these are going out tomorrow morning.

Where are my skates?  lol

I'll catch up to y'all tomorrow.
Hugs from Suz



cq4fun said...

VERY hard to pick a favorite, but maybe the one 5th up in the last picture? I wouldn't turn down any of them, though. =)

ladyhawthorne said...

I fancy the 3rd one down in the 2nd photo. Lovely work and they should sell well!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Well, haven't you been busy! They're all attractive! I think I like 2nd from the bottom, kind of organic.

Debra Spincic said...

Be sure and let us know how well the bracelets sold!

Carol-Ann said...

They are all lovely, but my favourite is the same as Angela's - you'll have to make two!

Judy S. said...

Boy, Suz, your needle has been flying! I'll bet you'll have lots of happy customers; good luck with the sale!

Cyra said...

Yes Suz, your posting was late and I almost missed it.
I have 3 favourites. The two denim ones with the dragonfly on and the Victorian looking one with heart and lace.
They are all worthy of admiring though.