April 22, 2014

Suz: April Stitching

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a nice Easter. Even with the holiday I managed to get some stitching done.
 I'm really pleased with my results.

The Embroidery Guild made $912.00 from their sale table to donate to charity. WooHoo!

On my wrapping cloth piece #11, I secured this corner of an old napkin with french knots and cast-on rings.

The bullions along the gathered lace morphed into cast-on circles, and french knots were added at intervals to create little pockets along the billowing lace.

piece #11 has lots more french knots added, too

ooops, there's a hole!

I wonder what's going to happen there?

 bullioned and french knot snowflakes are appearing on the Christmas tree skirt
wee red snowflakes
 french knots to secure the trims
and the skirt is still not filled with snowflakes......yet

I have decided to add red snowflakes as well as the white, so more wee and large snowflakes will be tumbling down the skirt

I hope to have this 1st quarter finished by the end of April.

Hope you've had a good stitching week.

Hugs from Suz



ladyhawthorne said...

Still loving that umbrella! And the tree skirt is going to be fabulous, good progress!

Debra Spincic said...

Your projects take A LOT of handwork to fill. Good thing you like handwork!

Suztats said...

Thanks Angela. I think I need to make bigger snowflakes....lol!

Suztats said...

You're right, Debra. I may add some really large snowflakes to fill the skirt, but I do love the handwork.

Cyra said...

Absolutely adore the umbrella with flowers. Great work.
Wrapping cloth is looking interesting. I'm wondering what little treasure is going to appear in the hole.
Tree skirt is almost a quarter done, wow.

Judy S. said...

That little umbrella is fabulous, Suz! What is is on? Your tree skirt is coming right along, too! And so is the wrapping cloth. Good work!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Good job on your sale table! Hope you didn't have to bring much home. Love how your wrapping cloth is developing. Going to have to study up on those bullions! Love the sheen that is on the leaves in the umbrella piece.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

Beautiful stitching. Love the umbrella.

Barbara C said...

I love embroidered umbrellas, and yours is lovely.

cq4fun said...

I love, love, love the umbrella! Your tree skirt is coming along nicely, and your addition of red snowflakes is a good idea. I don't think I've ever quite understood the wrapping cloth. What is it going to wrap?

Suztats said...

I'm planning for the wrapping cloth to wrap.....me! lol....rather it will be a cloth rather like an afghan to lay over myself when reading or watching tv. Or, I might just lay it over a chair or bed just to admire it......or...drape it over the dining room table.......it may become a cuddly cloth for my granddaughter. I am using new and reclaimed cloth to make my own titivated cloth, and have received pieces of lace from friends to include in its construction. This makes it a cloth from many, and is a way to honour both the cloth of the past, with its attached memories, as well as the stitchers who created those pieces.
Hope that helps explain it.