April 8, 2014

Cy ~ Heart CQ, Boho Skirt & Kumihimo

 Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt 

Week 14

A few variegated leaves added to last weeks ruffle flowers, and I don't think it needs anything else now.

A crocheted purple and white flower has been 'planted' in a flower-pot.


 Boho Skirt Update 

Wohoo, I have finished the front middle panel of the skirt.
Rough, raw fabric edges, uneven and sometimes wonky stitching (I love it).
I am not embellishing every fabric patch, just an occasional one here and there.

Love that musical fabric.

I might have to add more stitching to tone down the orange fabric to the left of centre bottom. It just seems a little bit bright for what I'm wanting here, or I may even froggit.

Now to carry on around the back of the middle panel.

 Kumihimo Necklace 

Had a bit of a fun one afternoon and created this Kumihimo necklace.
Yet to add the fastening though. Still pondering on that one.


ladyhawthorne said...

All the purple flowers are beautiful, love the little leaves you added!
Is the necklace a type of crochet or more like macrame? It's cool.
Your boho skirt is fun, all the cool girls will be following you and wanting one just like it.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I love purple...I'm really intrigued by the boho skirt. You're making me want to make one!

Cyra said...

Thanks Angela. The Necklace is a flat braid that is made on a foam (or wooden, or card) disc with a hole in the centre. Think of French knitting on the old wooden cotton reels, and it works something like that. Kumihimo is more like weaving though. No needles or hooks involved, just passing threads over from one side to the other in a particular order to get the various braids. It is mostly known for making round braids, but I wanted to test a flat braid.

Cyra said...

Needs must, Deborah! The fabric patches are covering a multitude of thinning and holey denim underneath, lol. I will not throw out my favourite skirt.

Moira said...

I love your reasoning for making the boho skirt! I've got a sweatshirt myself that I need to put new cuffs on for the very same reason, and like you refuse to get rid of it. =)

Debra Spincic said...

The purple flowers are my favorite and that is saying A Lot since we all know how I feel about purple! LOL!

Suztats said...

Your kumihimo looks great! I have a kit I bought just waiting for some of my free! time......lol! I hope to try it out soon. Love your leaves--what thread is that?-- looks great! And purple, well,.....I love purple! Looking forward to more boho yumminess.

Judy S. said...

What fun projects, Cy! I love the necklace and the skirt as well. You picked the perfect thread for the leaves of the heart flowers, too!

Cyra said...

Time to give your sweatshirt a new lease of life Moira, lol.

Cyra said...

Purple shmurple..... hah ;-)

Cyra said...

There are plenty of instructions online for Kumihimo, and it's quite easy and therapeutic to do. The one I did is a 10 strand braid. There are easier braids that use fewer strands. Mine are in three shades of DMC stranded floss.
The variegated thread that I used on the leaves is a new one to me. 'House of Colour' is the brand, hand-dyed in Africa I think. Bought a few of them while I was at the traders stalls at the Quilt Show a couple weeks ago. It's a perle 8 and lusciously soft.

Cyra said...

Thanks Judy. I'm eager to finish the skirt and wear it, lol.

cq4fun said...

One thing I always can count on in your posts - variety! I love how the skirt is coming along.

Cyra said...

Variety is the Spice of Life.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Kumihimo has been of an interest to me too! I have a fb group I joined, and the work is lovely. I'm interested since I have declared that I am totally unable to tubular crochet! Cute skirt, and the flowers are yummy. Your work is so diverse!