March 18, 2014

Cy ~ AWOL and Crochet

I am AWOL........ gone to our retreat for a week of meditation. 

Hah, some hope of that. My other half needs help with the foundations for the pump shed, so I shall probably have a spade or pick-axe in my hand right about now.

I don't have internet access there so I pre-scheduled this post to show you that I haven't been slacking in the creative department.

Here are some recent crochet pics for the Winter Warmer project.
It's turning out to be a sampler (of sorts) for crochet stitches and designs.

A lavender and cream hyperbolic scrumble on a purple mohair base.

A starfish flower.

A plain circle....... because not everything has to be fancy.

I love the next one so much that I might just have to repeat it and make myself a soft jumper or shawl with just this pattern and yarn.
White mohair, a pale pink mohair, and a gorgeously fine silver boucle yarn.
So warm and cuddly, I'd have people queuing up to cuddle me, lol.

I know you've seen the pink scrumble before, but here it is in situ, along with some other textural stitching.

A wavy line and a sneaky bit of knitting crept in there too.

A bit of chunky texture......ya'll know I love texture.

Puff stitch in neat rows and random Popcorns

Purple Bobbles and Furrows

Lastly we have openwork shells

That's it for now on the Winter Warmer. 

I'll catch up with the Crazy Heart Quilt pics when I get home again.

Be good while I'm away....... See you next week.


Debra Spincic said...

Well, what a fabulous feast for our eyes! You really are the Crochet Queen!

Suztats said...

Your needles have been hopping! Love all that wonderful texture. Have a wonderfully meditative week!

cq4fun said...

What a wonderful warmer this will be. I look forward to seeing all those pieces come together. Even if you were shoveling dirt for foundations today, I hope there is plenty of time to meditate, too!

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm ready to snuggle up with that fuzzy one! Sometimes swinging a pickax is good for the body and soul, gets out any aggression you have and you will sleep well.

Judy S. said...

Hope you get to put down your shovel and pickax to meditate for at least a little bit, Cy. Love your crocheting!

Barbara C said...

Thanks for the eye candy. The motifs are really nice. Isn't mohair divine? I like adding bits of it to my projects too.

QuiltingFitzy said...

The white and pink mohair is beautiful! I think I automatically covet something which is totally inappropriate for my climate! lol

Moira said...

loved seeing all the different crochet pieces. Great textures and colors.

Cyra said...

Thank you ladies for all your nice comments here. I am back at home now, beautifully refreshed and rested. Raring to get this farm sold so that we can move to the other place permanently. Oh bliss!