February 18, 2014

Suz- February Update

I've been stitching on my tree skirt, and creating little snowflakes:

beaded ones, large and small

Tatted snowflakes, too

silver thread ones, snowflake buttons, and a frilly one to replace the lace flower
 another tat on red and white

with silver cascades and white gimp trim

and a frilly fringe

to be a part of our new traditions

and I need much, much more....... of everything

 my tree skirt matches our weather today: blowing, snowing, and a river of snowflakes

 TIAS - day 16 and the puzzle is all put together, even though my mast is a little wonky.....  ;-)  ..it may straighten out with blocking

Shall we go sailing, you and I
Over the boundless sea?
Shall we face wind, and wet and waves?
Tell me, dear Jane, shall we?
Shall we away to wondrous lands
Where skies of blue shall be?
Where sun shines hot upon the sand?
Tell me, dear Jane, shall we?
For we've been on a journey, 
For many a happy day.
And we have built our sailing ship,
So now we must away!
I'll miss the TIAS, but there's always next year.....

Oooh, what's that??


oh, yeah! single crochet

Ha ha!  I need some practice on my tension, ( and how not to miss those stitches on the ends..... teehee  ) but this first piece is crocheting! yay!
my second swatch looks a little better, but I tend to spread out a little......

more practice needed, but it's a start

Well, that's it for this week needle-wise

 the view out my studio window the other night was beautiful!
 I caught this shot just before the colours began to fade and the sky turned to ink.

Hope you've had a creative week

Hugs from Suz



Debra Spincic said...

I like those tatted snowflakes. Oh yes, I do!

ladyhawthorne said...

I never would have guessed a sailboat, how cute!

I like all your snowflakes, especially if you keep them there and don't send any here. That sunset is gorgeous too.

Good for you on the crochet!

Deborah McLaughlin said...

How great this is going to be. Love the snowflakes. Tatting is a mystery to me.

Cyra said...

CROCHET... yay Suz, you go girl. So proud of you <3

Cyra said...

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there, lol....
Love the tatted snowflakes. Tree skirt is starting to get a LOT like Christmas. I like the addition of the Tradition text. That is a great idea.
You can keep the real snow. Love the sunset.

Moira said...

Love how you are continuing to add more snowflakes! How are you ever going to put packages on it uner your tree in the future - it's going to be too lovely to cover up.

Debra Spincic said...

that's always an issue, isn't it?

Judy S. said...

Nice sunset photos, Suz! I love the way your tree skirt is coming along with all its fun tatted snowflakes. Hats off to you and your tatting; I feel the same way as Deborah about tatting, way too mysterious. Good work on the crochet, too; you've been very busy!

Suztats said...


Suztats said...

Thank you Ladies. Hey, how come none of want my snow? ...lol....
I think the tree skirt will look very pretty under the tree, and I'm not worried about the presents sitting on the tatting, etc. Usually the gifts only get put under a few days before Christmas, and we often take our time and prolong the pleasure by opening up some almost right away...then a few the next night, and the rest on Christmas Eve, since our DS and DDIL leave early to travel to her family Christmas day. Then we'll have a week or so to enjoy the skirt before packing it all away........There are more snowflakes on the way.....tatted and real ones.....

cq4fun said...

I love the variety of snowflakes, and that word, tradition. That's a great addition. The sunset was beautiful, thanks for sharing it. Since I moved from AZ, they aren't an every day beautiful occurrence, and I treasure each one I do get now. The crochet showed improvement from one piece to the other, that's a good thing! Love those yarn colors, too.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Your tree skirt is coming on swimmingly! Especially the little beaded snowflakes, I'm very fond of them. It's going to be an amazing addition to your traditions. Branching out to crochet? I love to crochet, it goes so much faster than knitting! Practice will make perfect. Sorry, no snow for me EVER again, have had enough to last a lifetime.