February 18, 2014

Moira - Slow Progress

Well I guess I should qualify that - slow / no progress on what I said I needed to be working on this year back in January.   Guess I've just been in the mood for working on a variety of projects.   All have been things that have been around here for awhile - the youngest is about 6 months old, the rest probably about 5 yrs or more in vintage.  

The first project I pulled out this week was the set of blocks that were from a swap that I had participated in last fall.   It's one where you send out your 'fav fabric' and everyone in the swap makes a block from it and then sends it back to you.   There were 9 of us in the swap, so I ended up having to make additional blocks to get the quilt to the size needed.   One of the blocks I received didn't fit what I had requested so it won't be in the the top.   Susan made one for me to replace it.  When finished this quilt will be going to American Heros.

 I've made the last block and it is with the others, just not shown in the pic below.  It's a new design and I'm getting ready to send it off for submission for publication as well.   I plan to set the blocks with COC sashing so that the patterns float on the top.   The setting triangles will have dresden fan blades on them.   Still debating whether to make them all red or red & blue.   Will be scrappy whichever choice I finally settle on.  I plan machine appliqueing the blades to a COC background.   Have not decided on what the border will look like at this point.   Will wait to see what the quilt 'demands' since it was the one that demanded the Dresden fan setting blocks.

The remaining projects that I worked on during the week are quilt tops that will be going to Sunshine when finished.   The first used up the remaining pillow panel of a set I'd had for at least 10 yrs, the last two used up a bunch of oddball squares (6" and 5")  that I had leftover from making precut alphabet quilt squares to sell.   Those have been in my stash for at least 5 yrs now.    Have two tops done from them and just need to add borders to them to finish them up.   I plan on going through my novelty fabrics to see if I can find something that will work for the borders on them.

Next up is a purse that I need to get made so that I have one that looks decent for when I head to Florida for a conference in March and finishing the skirt that is my last Christmas present from last year.    Purse will be out of a royal denim and coordinating fabrics from my stash.   Just need to go trolling through the stash to find something I like.


Debra Spincic said...

Clever setting for the 9 patch quilt with the black blocks. The Amish inspired top is very nice!

What is COC?

Suztats said...

You've been busy! Love the kitty quilt, and how the colours pop against the black in the 9 patch.
The pieces for the top quilt have a timeless look to them. I'd say you've had a nice, creative week!

ladyhawthorne said...

It all looks fabulous, especially the squares against the black!

Cyra said...

A lovely trio of quilts shown Moira. It's good to have a variety to work on. Those lovely bright novelties show up so well with the black background. It'll be a lucky kid who gets that one.

Moira said...

COC = Cream-on-cream =)

the novelty quilt actually wasn't a 9-patch. I sewed it in rows so that I could keep make sure no two of the same ended up side by side.

Judy S. said...

Looks like you got distracted with some fun stuff. Being a cat-person, I especially like the kitty quilt, but the others are great, too.

cq4fun said...

You know how I love the top one. What about some fan blades in gold? The colored squares alternating with diagonal black rows is really going to make some child's heart sing. That is so colorful!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I really like your work, and YOU are the one spreading sunshine! Your American Hero piece is right up my alley, I love rw&b! Good progress this week.