February 12, 2014

Kathleen Mary--Wasp Bites and Sewing (CQJP2014)

 I was working in the front garden and was attacked by paper wasps,  I have multiple bites down the left side of my body. Unfortunately I react terribly from flying insects. Mosquitoes swell up at least 1/4 inch tall and 3 inch round.  These bites are around the size of a small dinner plate.  I took an antihistamine, it did nothing. Called the doctor, he said to try a different antihistamine, but all that did was put me to sleep. Next he said to come in and he gave me a prescription for steroids. It is taking some of the sting away, but the swelling is huge.   Now I have two bad wrists. One on both hands. 

Even with all this I did manage a small amount of stitching.

Reading the comments from last week,  Debra suggested flipping the red flowers so they are not resting on the red fabric. Great suggestion.  I never saw that. Thank you so much.  Once I took off the  lace, I thought  it looked nicer with out the lace.  I will fill the blank area up with stitches and embroidery.

I am not a minimalist as Susan is.  I will be adding more to the block.

Maybe the red flower lace belongs in the middle.

I think the other lace I had in that spot was too blah.

But I am leaving the blocks on the design wall to see if I like the blah flowers in the middle or the red flowers.

The green beads were prestrung. .

Now the newest addition to the block.

Hopefully I will be able to sew a little more next week.
Happy Sewing Hugs,
Kathleen Mary


Suztats said...

Oh, how awful about the wasps, Kathleen Mary! Those little buggers can really hurt, too. I'm glad you got some meds to help with the swelling.
Your block is looking so good, and I do like the red flower lace in the middle. It anchors all the other red pieces. Nice SRE rose.
Hope you're all better soon.

Debra Spincic said...

Dang, those wasps are bad news. My former husband was a beekeeper and we often had to deal with an allergic reaction. It's scary to see a body part swell out of proportion. Be careful.

Really lovely work so far--
my suggestion would be more of the new little round rose clusters. Those are just adorable!!

Maybe move the subtle floral applique to the lower right section and let it be a secondary layer on those subtle fabrics.
Personally, I am not fond of appliques right smack in the middle of the block intersection. Do you have more so you could make a bouquet that branched out in different directions telling the viewer where to look? Or, mock up a patch over the intersection and then put on the applique.

Nice post this time!

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm also a fan of an off center focus. In the crazy quilt class I did the idea was to use your strongest colors and designs to lead the viewer's eye on a journey.

Wasps are bad but at least not as aggressive as yellow jackets. I got attacked by those one year but thank goodness my clothes were thick enough they didn't get me. I did have to peel off clothes on the porch though, they would not let go.

cq4fun said...

I like the lighter motif better. The shape of that joining corner would be great for making a tree with branches that go into all the blocks, too. Just play! =) I think you've done a great job with the block, and I look forward to seeing what else is coming on the other blocks.

Judy S. said...

So sorry to hear about those wasps; they are nasty little critters! You've done lots of work on your block, and it looks great. I just love the little basket of flowers!

QuiltingFitzy said...

You're a hard woman to keep down! You've got great drive. I'm loving your trial and trial again (I don't believe in errors!!), and am learning lots in the process.