February 11, 2014

Cy ~ Heart Quilt update - week 6

 Straight from the Heart Quilt 
Week 6

I created a Dresden Plate block for the Monogram (from last week) to be placed in the centre.
When finished, the French Knots will be all the way around the Monogram, but at the moment I am about one third of the way around.

You can probably see that I am trying to blend the colours. It's a long job, but enjoyable.
I'm thinking I will go back with these colours again and stitch right up to the stem stitch circle around the motif, as I'm not sure I like the yellow fabric showing outside of the circle.
I'll continue with the French Knots like this for now though, and then make up my mind later whether or not I will be covering the yellow.

The Dresden Plate story will come next week, as I'm running out of time today.


I haven't progressed any more with needle-tatting, but I have tried Shuttle Tatting now, and here is my first ring completed.

I think I like this technique, but I got in a right mess (just after this photo) trying to get another ring done. I just cannot get any subsequent rings to 'pull' into a ring.
I shall keep trying.

 Selling House and Packing 

Oh boy is this a horrible job. I have so much 'stuff'.
Tony has bought 'another' shipping container so that we can pack and store everything that we want to take to the new place, but do not necessarily need to use here. The thoughts behind this is that we empty the house of 'clutter' to make it easier to keep clean and tidy, and help make the rooms look larger, and stage it so that it is more appealing to prospective home buyers.

I have packed away all my blue & white pottery from the Welsh dresser, all my sewing stuff including tools, fabrics, wool, threads, art equipment etc., books are packed, office paperwork packed, surplus kitchen things are packed, precious items are safely packed, photos and mementos packed. All boxes and surplus furniture are now in the lounge and hallway awaiting 'someone' to carry it all into the container.
Now I have to start on the bedrooms and walk in wardrobe. How do I know what clothes I can pack away? It may be a year before I see them again.
Oh woe is me......


Debra Spincic said...

What a job! When I was growing up and we would go overseas, our belongings were put into containers in storage. When we got back (usually after 3 yrs) most of what was in the container was of little to no interest to us. Out of sight and out of mind.

Pace yourself on the embroidery. Remember you can add more later!

cq4fun said...

I can't believe you get anything done with the packing! I like the separation of the knots from the stem stitch, and the color matching is really amazingly close!

ladyhawthorne said...

I hate moving and I cannot imagine packing things away for maybe a year, at least not clothes.

Love the french knots, they are one of my favorite stitches!

Cyra said...

When the house is sold the container will get all the remaining stuff from the house, and then trucked off to the new place, where we will be living in our caravan (touring trailer I think you'd call it).

Good advice on the embroidery thanks.

Cyra said...

I have to start my days with stitching so that I can plan in my head what packing to do next. I like to ponder while stitching, and it helps me keep the packing organised.

Cyra said...

This moving lark is going to be a long job. I think the op shop is the best place to donate the clothes that will not fit in the caravan cupboards. I already have put aside half a roomful of general house stuff for the op shop.

Judy S. said...

Packed away all your sewing stuff? I hope it was on top! Dresden Plate is one of my favorite blocks; cant wait to hear the whole story. Did the photo of the quilt disappear somewhere?

Judy S. said...

How odd, the first time I looked at it there wasn't a photo. Gosh, that's a whole lot of french knots! Looking great though.

Moira said...

Great work on the color matching of the french knots. I don't envy you packing and having to store your stuff. I've done it before for over a year, and it isn't fun. May the house sell quickly!

Suztats said...

I remember all too well about packing, staging, and decluttering and the headaches that ensued....... and how everything I wanted was always packed away, somewhere......usually at the bottom of a box......lol
It's nice that stitching allows you to relax and formulate plans, and the French knots look fabulous. ( I love FK's!)
Way to go on the shuttle tatting! I've given up for now as I haven't even been able to make a ring yet! My flip keeps unflipping and I get frustrated knowing I could have needle tatted ten rings in the same time.....maybe I'm just a needle-kind-of-gal. You go! The nice thing is that tatting is very portable, and doesn't take up a lot of room, unless you're a thread addict like I am. Ha!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Learned my new thing for the day, hadn't known that there was a difference between shuttle and needle tatting! There may be hope for me yet. I'm a moving expert, 24 times so far, and still love the adventure of it!

Barbara C said...

Very nice color gradation on your French knots. How sad to part from you special things for so long! At least you know you'll enjoy them in your new house.

kathy r said...

My husband was in the airforce for 37 years. We moved a lot. I loved it when we would pack up and move and leave our things in storage. When we saw all our things again it was like Christmas.
Your French knots are incredible.