January 28, 2014

kathleen mary cqjp 2014

when susan suggested that i might be interested in joining this blog, i jumped at the chance.  i joined the cqpj 2014 project, than said to myself, what did i do,  how am i going to succeed.  i needed to somehow be accountable for such a large task.   the old saying,  be careful what you wish for, came true for me.  so here i am. 

before i go any further, i would like to tell you i have a very old computer and anything that needs the use of the cap button ... such as capital letters, question mark, dollar signs won,t happen. so i improvise.  such as the word won,t.  i just use a comma instead.
i am an american living in australia.  lived here for 30 years and. have enjoyed every minute with my wonderful husband peter.  we have three children, and currently two grandchildren.  
i have been sewing and  crafting since i was tiny.   quilting was learned long before it was popular  and the only rule in hand quilting a quilt was,  if your toe nail can get under a stitch than the stitch is too long.    so now you can probably guess my age. not older than god but well on my way.  

 first four blocks i am sewing for the project

 block one

the block 10 by 8 inches

in the end it is suppose to have about 8 inches of fabric around it, then fringe.
suppose to be a small throw for the couch, but don,t know yet.
it might be a big pillow.

any ideas would be welcome on how you would add to the block.
mean while, i,m back to stitching.

happy sewing hugs, 
        kathleen mary


cq4fun said...

Your block looks great! Love that little beady thing under the dyed lace. Did you dye that yourself?

Cyra said...

Oh my, how gorgeous.
Welcome to the 'merry band of stitchers' here, I am so pleased you have joined us.... I was feeling rather lonely down here in NZ, so it's great to have someone a bit closer to me.
I absolutely adore the pops of red and gold on your cq, and the embroidery is lovely too. A nice variety of stitches and embellishments gives interest to the block, and the one darker fabric patch in each block is a great addition.

Judy S. said...

Welcome to our group, Kathleen! Beautiful stitching! How many blocks will you be making and do you have a theme for your project? Sure looks like you're well on the way to creating a wonderful quilt.

Debra Spincic said...

Welcome! Nice to have you join us.

Very elegant start to your CQ project. The colors are lovely together.

Suztats said...

Welcome to the group, Kathleen. Your blocks look great together and I love the pops of turquoise. Very nice stitching, too!

ladyhawthorne said...

Welcome to our group, glad to have another stitcher aboard.
This piece is absolutely gorgeous!

Moira said...

Welcome to the group Kathleen! I love the work you've done so far on you blocks. And love the hand-dyed lace pieces.

kathy r said...

yes i dyed the lace.
i enjoy dying lace

kathy r said...

thank you. that is a wonderful comment as i really appreciate your work

kathy r said...

4 blocks in this small quilt/ no theme just sew what i like at the time i am sewing. every day i feel
a little different so i never know what i will be sewing before hand.

kathy r said...

thank you for letting me join. now i have a reason to put a fire under me.

kathy r said...

thank you. i likeb it make something stand out in each block

kathy r said...

thank you for your kindness

kathy r said...

thank you for the welcome. hope you will enjoy all my work

Debra Spincic said...

:-)) Yep!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Egad, I have SO much to learn! I love your work on these so far, I'm studying each block.