January 7, 2014

Deborah: More Ideas for 2014 CQ

Still forming ideas for the R&WCQ :-).

I kind of think I'm seeing two quilts from the embroideries Debra gave me.  I'm considering the crocheted piece for the center with the square pieces.

Years ago I found this redwork piece at a thrift shop for about $3.00. It's ripped in a couple of places, stained, has a few holes. I unearthed it looking for something else (of course). 

The initial inspiration for this red and white CQ idea was a small cross stitch piece I had done (and of course cannot get my hands on this morning) but would be perfect in my mind with the floral embroideries. 

That's what I'm working toward for the CQ this year-- at this point anyway.

Also wanted to add that I stitched up a bunch of 5" squares for one of Debra's Smokin' Hot Quilt Challenge-just don't have a photo right now. I have enough for one more quilt, and lots of purple squares for a second one. This is what I work on at night after work until my brain completely stops working.

So happy that Downton Abbey is back; I think "Justified" starts Season 5 either tonight or tomorrow night and it's only about 35 days until the second half of  "The Walking Dead" Season 4. Life is good. :-)


ladyhawthorne said...

I really like red and white together, looks like you have some great bones to start with!

cq4fun said...

Red and white are favorites of mine, and redwork is what inspired me to really get back to embroidery years ago. I will love seeing all you do this year.

Debra Spincic said...

Are you asking for suggestions yet?

Suztats said...

Of course red and white are perfect together! (tee hee) I love the contrast and always think those colours look crisp and clean. Looking forward to seeing more.

Barbara C said...

It looks like you have lots of materials and ideas, and I look forward to seeing where your inspiration takes you.

Cyra said...

Machine stitching combined with hand stitching in the red and white colour scheme... yes, I can see how that would appeal.
I am looking forward to following this quilts progress.