January 7, 2014

Barbara's 2014 Goals

I'm not typically one to make new year's resolutions, but it seems efficient to have some creative goals for the year.

I want to finish the quilt that is taunting me from my design wall.  Quilts are slow going for me these days, so finishing this one will be an accomplishment. 

I want to make one smallish crazy quilt.  I have an idea and a plan, and will not start until summer.

I want to make a quilt for my bed.  Something sedate (unlike the one on my design wall) and tranquil.  It's possible I'll resurrect a UFO for this.

I will finish knitting the two sweaters I have on the needles.  The first one I'll tackle in February.

I'm going to knit myself more socks.  I love hand knit socks.  The pair above have been in process for years.  Over the weekend I picked up sock 1, which only needed the toe knit.  Since then, I've made substantial progress on sock 2: I turned the heel this morning.  If I set my mind to it, I could knit a pair of socks in a week or two.  I'm going to knit lots of socks this year.  For my next pair, I'm going to experiment with after-thought heels.

I think that's enough: a guideline for the new year, but nothing too rigid, with room or spontaneous projects and for some on-going charity stitching.  Wish me luck.


Debra Spincic said...

Sedate? really? LOL!

Love anything that comes off any of your needles so will follow along this year with interest.

cq4fun said...

I like that you are keeping variety in what you are planning. It's so easy to quit when I am just doing one thing!

ladyhawthorne said...

Wow, that's a lot of different projects, this will be a fun year!
Love the socks, I've never gotten up the courage to try any, double pointed needles seem hard to work with, the darn stitches come off too easy and the endcaps I got do too.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I am sock knitter as well...but I really despise doing the toe! I get my hubs to read the directions to me, I can't seem to "get it", and can't manage to read it and knit at the same time.

Anxious to follow your progress!

Suztats said...

I started a pair of yoga socks a couple of years ago using a different technique my friend showed me...using 2 pairs of round needles, and I know it's in my knitting tote, along with written instructions I'd have to learn all over.......heheheh, so, it's not likely they'll be done anytime soon......
I applaud anyone who can knit socks! Yours are nicely coloured.

Cyra said...

Gorgeous socks, love the wool. You have a great selection of projects for this year and I look forward to seeing them completed and any spontanious stitching along the way.

Moira said...

Love that you've got a wide variety of projects to work on this year!