December 3, 2013

Susan: November Half-Finished Block

Finally got going again! Here is the center of November's block with 4 sides finished. 4 more to go this week and then on to December.

The yellow on red stitches were inspired by the back of something I did on the front of September's block. The blue buttonhole on the left is elongated from the Creative Stitchery Success Strips, the numbered 2 end of strip 1. BTW, these are still a bargain at $13.75 including postage! I lost one and he sent it for free, refusing payment. Who does that any more?

Anyway, the last seam was just a brain meander. Beads might show up on there later.


Debra Spincic said...

Speaking of vendor surprises, 2 years ago my computer crashed and I lost a very expensive machine embroidery software program. When I finally decided I needed it again, I was beside myself with the thought of rebuying it. So I wrote the vendor and asked if there was anything they could do to help me. Within minutes the reply was, "Sure, send us $5 and we'll send you a CD of the program." I almost fainted. I couldn't get to the mailbox fast enough to mail that check.

So, if anyone wants machine stitched cross stitch, I can now digitize it again!

and, I know you are a busy stitcher, Susan so thanks for showing your CQ work!

Suztats said...

I sent in an order and received my shipping promptly, but received 2 of 1 item I'd ordered: I was told to keep it, as it was their error. Cool.
I like those yellow sparks above and below the 'silky'!

Judy S. said...

Your stitching makes me think again of fireworks! And the National Anthem!

Judy S. said...

And so different when I inquired about a missing yarn package and the vendor said it was the mailman's fault, too bad.

Cyra said...

Lovely stitcheries. I like the elongated blue one on the left.
About two months ago I had a wool parcel go missing without a trace. The sender reimbursed me in full, including the postage.

Debra Spincic said...

Boo. Hiss.

ladyhawthorne said...

I think most vendors do the right thing but it's always lovely when they go beyond.

I'm loving those yellow sparks too!

cq4fun said...

Thanks for all your kind comments! As always, the further into a block I get, the more I like it. I've added two more seams, and I really think they make the block. Two to go!