December 10, 2013

Barbara's Knitting and Sewing

 A student of mine in an intern at a center for youth, and she's asked for outerwear for the kids she's working with.  I decided to make up some hats, the first batch is made of bulky yarn from the Rockstar pattern.


I got a little bored and so switched to Keiyla's Basic Beanie and broke out some scraps.   This runs a bit big if you want to knit for someone with a bigger head.  Both patterns are free on line.

 Continuing the children's clothes-making for Debra's project, I sewed up this size 6 dress.

Contrasting facing makes for a fun deail.

 Instead of gathering the fabric for a ruffle, I stitched on some eyelet, so the finishing was super fast.

After this my Janome had a bit of a meltdown, and I had to take it to the repair shop.  This gave me the chance to dust off one of my old Singers, the 301 and to oil it up to sew a couple of pairs of shorts I'd cut out.  Boy the stitch on these old machines is a thing of beauty.


Suztats said...

OOooh, lots of neat stitching this week! Looks like all sorts of needles have been flying. Love the dress!

Debra Spincic said...

Cute little dress and so perfect for Houston. I was gifted a whole bunch of that eyelet trim & it's the first item on the list to destash when I start sewing dresses. Don't buy any trims. Let's use mine up!

What's up with the 6500?

Barbara C said...

When I run through my stash of eyelet I'll let you know. It makes the finishing of these pieces very easy. My Janome was making a noise like there was loose change in the part above the needle. I got a call that it's been fixed (but no dollar amount for the repair) so I guess it wasn't too serious.

Debra Spincic said...

I haven't used my 6500 in ages. I got hooked on the speed of the 1600P and now the 6500 seems slow!
Every time I walk into the sewing machine store it costs a hundred dollars or more. Servicing machines is not cheap anymore.

Cyra said...

Oh Barbara, you have been very prolific this week. Love those hats. I wonder if I've got time to knit a few before the BIG day. I like having lots of smaller things to wrap up as presents for the kiddles 'from' the dogs, lol.
Some little girl is going to love that pretty dress. Princess comes to mind.
When I emigrated to NZ I had to leave behind 5 of my older sewing machines because we didn't have the room in the container to pack them. I am still sad about that.

Barbara C said...

I love my Singers, so I feel your pain about leaving yours behind. The bulky weight beanie takes me two evenings to knit up, more or less, so it's pretty quick.

Barbara C said...

This is my first repair on the Janome, so I feel like it's held up its end of the relationship so far. I know that there are no inexpensive fixes, however.

Judy S. said...

That is such a cute dress! Love the fabric also. Those hats are going to be much appreciated in this chilly weather, that's for sure.

ladyhawthorne said...

Great hats, love the stripes on the beanie! Cute summer dress too, reminds me of my first home ec project in 7th grade.

I love the older machines, they are true workhorses.

dezertsuz said...

Love your machine. Have one like it here. They do make a beautiful stitch! Cute little dress - thanks for the eyelet idea. I think I have some of that gathered kind around here somewhere.