December 3, 2013

Angela ~ Knitting and Another Project

I finished the front of the dickey, now to do the back which will be much shorter.  The front came out rather long but it can be tucked into a waistline that way.  And do you like my little sign I found at the dollar store?

Here's my other project my Dad & I built, absolutely nothing to do with needlework.
This is our first raised garden bed, 3' x 8' and 26" tall to save our backs.  The ground here is mostly rocky and hard so I am filling it with composting layers and it should be ready in the spring for planting.  I'll be painting the wood come spring, it's too new and wet right now, I was told paint would just peel off treated wood unless it was at least 6 months old.  We also planted 2 peach trees and they seem to be doing great.


Suztats said...

I love having raised beds as there are so many benefits besides the back. I hope to incorporate some here in the coming years.
Your long-fronted dickey will look good, and keep the chest warm!

Cyra said...

Great to see the dickie front finished.
Raised flower beds are a great idea. Just wish I had some here. Will make sure I get some at the new place though.

Judy S. said...

Looks like a great way to garden! Nice dickey. Could you please send me some of those elves? Cute stitched piece!

Debra Spincic said...

Homesteading 101! Love it!

ladyhawthorne said...

If the elves would just stay long enough to actually finish a job I'd be happy to share. Maybe I need to give them a sock?

cq4fun said...

The dickey is very pretty stitching, and I love the sign! The raised beds really will help your back. I'm hoping to get my son to do one or two for me each year for a couple of years. But it's tricky, 'cause the yard slopes in two directions - big slopes. Maybe the raspberries will do well next season, with all the rain we've had! I envy you the peach trees. I'm not fond of peaches, except when you can pick them right off your tree for breakfast!