November 12, 2013

Cy - Shawl Update & New Project

Update on the Shawl - I only have the loose ends to weave in, and then I can call it finished.

...and here are some closer pics of the latest additions to it

The fluffy 'orange' yarn isn't really that orange. It's much paler IRL.

So, while I was nearing the end of the shawl, I was planning my next project.
UFO's have been piling up over the years, and I have had a search through my cupboards (while packing) and have re-discovered a Celtic Knot Quilt that I started about 10 yrs ago.
I had got as far as designing and appliqueing the yellow frame and had all that stitched down. The purple Knot fabric is my own hand dyed fabric, bias cut, and about a 6 inch portion stitched in place.
This week I have finished stitching the rest of the Celtic Knot in place.
I'm not sure what comes next now though. I had originally planned on dimensional flowers appliqued onto, and around, the yellow frame...... but now I think I need to stay with the Celtic designs around this quilt.

It has been another enjoyable week.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

Your shawl is just beautiful! I am sure you are delighted with it. Is this the 1st time you have crocheted a shawl?

Judy S. said...

Your shawl is awesome, Cy! I bet you'l wear it a whole lot, too. That's a very pretty piece of applique. Wish you could have seen the quilts in the show that had dimensional flowers. There are a few photos on my blog, but that's not quit the same as in person.

ladyhawthorne said...

I just love one of a kind things like your shawl, a head turner for sure.

Love the Celtic knot, especially the colors in it!

FredaB said...

Your shawl is beautiful. I like the colors you have used in it.

Also your applique work on your Celtic knot is excellent. Will be watching to see what else you do on this.

Cyra said...

Thanks Debra. No not the first one crocheted, but it is the largest I've done. I just couldn't stop.

Cyra said...

Thanks Judy. This one is going on my etsy shop soon.
I'll be checking out the dimensional flowers pics on your blog later. Thanks for that.

Cyra said...

Thank you Angela. I love most things Celtic. Enya especially lol. Plus, I have Celtic blood.

Cyra said...

Hi Freda. My shawl started off as shades of white but once I picked up the balls of taupe and yellow gold I knew I had to use them too. My projects frequently tell me what they want to be.

Suztats said...

Sighing over that gorgeous shawl! Oh, my!
I really like the colours in your celtic knot, too. I love Enya!

desertskyquilts said...

The Celtic knots are amazing!

Cyra said...

My only regret on this Celtic quilt is that I did not design that knot myself. But, I won't beat myself up over it..... onwards and upwards.

Cyra said...

Yes, there is something very appealing about them.