November 5, 2013

Cy ~ Free Form Crochet Shawl almost done

Work continues on the Free Form Crochet Shawl.

Back view -

Still a little bit more is needed on the bottom left of the piece, so that both sides are fairly equal in length and drape.

A closer shot of the middle part.

And a couple of flower style motifs of my own designing.


And.... remember this from last week

Well........... here is what it turned into

I designed a Ra Ra Skirt for age 1 - 3 yrs

I have put the free pattern tutorial up on my blog HERE if you would like to make one.
(Probably NOT one for the feint-hearted crocheter though)
It has a knitted rib waistband.
You could substitute a ribbon instead of the crochet belt if you prefer.

Happy Stitching


Judy S. said...

This is so cute, Cy! What would I have to do to make it fit a 6 year old?

Judy S. said...

Should have also mentioned that your shawl is AWESOME!

Suztats said...

That is a stunning and fabulous shawl!! A piece of art.
The skirt is really cute, and if I ever learn how to

Cyra said...

Thanks Judy. To make the skirt larger, increase the purple foundation row to add a couple more 'shell' pattern repeats. When purple bit finished, work upwards in the other part of every stitch, decreasing rounds evenly as required.

Cyra said...

Thanks Suz. The shawl has been such fun to make. I don't want it to end.

cq4fun said...

Wow, Cy, that shawl is truly amazing now that I see where all this has been going! Love the little skirt, too. The crochet part I could do, but the knitted? Not so much.

cq4fun said...

Maybe someone else needs one, too. =)

Debra Spincic said...

OMG! your shawl is totally awesome!

Judy S. said...

Thanks, Cy. Now to get up my nerve. LOL