November 27, 2013

Cy ~ a day late......

(So sorry I forgot what day it was, so my post is a day late, lol)

              .................        ......................
  AM I MAD ... OR ... AM I KNOT MAD? 
......                              .........................

("Yes, you ARE mad", I hear you all shout in unison)

I distinctly remember saying to Debra,only last week, that I did not want to put a lot of time or effort into this UFO Celtic Knot quilt. Mainly because I was not enamoured with my original stitching on the central knot (all those years ago).

Last week I showed the finished central knot, along with a design for additional knots in the four corners.

Just look what I did with the stitching on one of those corner designs, and you will see why I think I have gone mad.

Knots within knots.... braided knots to create the knot motif.
And then outlined with chain stitch.

The completed corner Knot.
I am Knot impressed.
Thimble in pic to give an idea of the size of the motif.

It took me three days just to do this one knot. 
I DO KNOT want to invest time on this quilt (so why the heck did I do that?)
Now I have to do a similar thing for the other three corner knots.
Even 'I' think I am mad.

I have a scary feeling that this quilt is going back in the UFO pile.

On another note......
Now I have learnt to knit, and understand 'Knit-speak', I have taught myself to knit cables.
This is my very first cable test piece. Even hubby was impressed with that, lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful friends who celebrate it    
    I am thankful to have you all in my life   

Happy Stitching


Judy S. said...

Wow, Cy! That knot is really impressive? You can't make this a UFO; you've already put too much time and effort into it. So, how are you going to beat this one? You're cables are looking great! I love the color. What is that going to be?

Debra Spincic said...

Oh how I love eating my words. It makes me think very carefully before uttering them!

Honestly? I would much rather see you finish your Teal & Black CQ over this project.

cq4fun said...

I LOVE what you did. Call it slow work, but keep pecking away at it until it's finished, because it's going to be an absolutely stunning piece when finished!

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that over does on projects, LOL. But it is seriously gorgeous.

Suztats said...

Oh, yes, that knot is gorgeous! Perhaps this will be a project worked in pieces. But, of course, that's up to you to decide. It doesn't matter how original or beautiful a project is (or will be), if it's knot enjoyed by the creator...........then why continue? ( well, that's my 2 cents, anyway: time is too short and too valuable to invest in something that's knot giving me pleasure and satisfaction)
Congrats on conquering cables! You go!

Barbara C said...

I second what Suz said, life's too short. It's okay to send it back to the UFO pile to marinate until you feel like taking it up again. Good work on the cables!