October 8, 2013

Susan: August Reveal

Finally! Here is the finished August block, followed by some close-ups.

Added to Seam A:

Some red French knots - I stitched this based on the background piece, and it has a little more wonkiness than I usually allow, but I sort of like it.

Something a little different I saw in Carole Samples' book on page 124, but the picture on p. 146 where she did it on a fan blade was where I saw it first, and it's a little different there.

Just playing around with things.


Debra Spincic said...

The buttonhole stitch with the little 3 prong is really a nice combination. Put that one in your Stitch Stash!

Good finish for Aug!

ladyhawthorne said...

Its wonderful as usual! I don't see any wonkiness, just pretty stitching.

Cyra said...

Love the one you call 'wonky'. Did you invent that stitch? It looks like a Half-Chevron & Half-Herringbone. Lovely.
Very nice 'explosion' of colours on the other seams too.

Suztats said...

August is wonderful! Great fireworks stitching all around. And I like the wonky row: it adds so much movement and interest.

Barbara C said...

Your stitches have such great movement. In the last photo, it looks like blue streamers are flying in the breeze.