October 29, 2013

Debra: Bambi House Quilts

Sometimes if I keep my ears open, an opportunity arises to serve the community through quilts.  Recently I found out that one of my community contacts has the privilege of going into a women's prison unit to deliver baby items to mothers and their newborn babies.  Cheryl, who has been active with Prison Fellowship (through Angel Tree) organized a baby shower for women who are living in a halfway house environment.  She told me that last year she saved the smaller quilts I gave her for Angel Tree to give to these mothers.

Right then and there I decided she needed a new stack of quilts for this year.  So with the help of friends, we are sewing some 40-45" baby quilts.  I have a panel set I am contributing and others are using their own fabrics.  I still have a few panels, if you are interested.  This year I'll attach a little stuffed teddy bear to each quilt. 

The Houston Quilt Show opens tomorrow so I'll be heading to Houston a few days but when I return it's going to be peddle to the metal to get some baby quilts sewn.

A special thanks to my friends here who are sewing tops! 
Women supporting women is a very good idea.



cq4fun said...

Mail delivered yesterday. =) It's such a worthy cause. Helping young mothers straighten out their lives and be good mothers - can't beat that for improving society.

Suztats said...

That's a splendid cause, and the teddy is a perfect attachment! Enjoy the Houston show.

Debra Spincic said...

I was told that last year when the mothers picked out their baby's quilt, they were totally overwhelmed and some of them started to cry.

I'm sure we can make a difference.

Debra Spincic said...

Meeting up with Deborah on Sunday! Can't wait!

Cyra said...

You are a treasure to society Debra,
Enjoy the Houston show. It is one of the things on my 'Bucket List'.
(one day, or preferably one week!)

Debra Spincic said...

If you make it to Houston for the show, you better call me!

Barbara C said...

Have fun at the show. I look forward to hearing your impression of this year's offerings.

Judy S. said...

Take lots of photos to share! I've been with women in the Antepartum unit at the UW hospital who've received quilts and were so grateful that someone would take the time to do such a thing. Your projects have blessed many!