September 3, 2013

Susan: July CQJP2013 Finally Finished

Finally, the July block is finished! These are my last four seams, and then the whole block together.

Also finished this first in a series of embroidery blocks, vintage Japanese, and I call them The Emperor's Wives:


Cyra said...

July CQ bock is looking fabulous Susan. Ready for the fireworks to begin, yeah. Nice silky centre.
It seems to me that not one of your seam treatments end up being repeated. Every one is different and fun. I love watching this project progress.

Emperor's wife #1 is lovely and minimalist compared to some of your other projects. Very effective. It's nice to have different "intensities" of stitching projects to work on.

Debra Spincic said...

Definitely a favorite block. The seam treatments are festive and explosive! Very cool!

Judy S. said...

I always enjoy seeing what you're stitching, Susan!

Barbara C said...

Beautiful stitching! Each seam is so distinctive and fits your theme.