August 13, 2013

Cy ~ Crochet Along and Felting Fun

Well there goes another week.
The "Invasion of the Packing Boxes" has started. At the moment most of the boxes are still in their flat-pack form, but a couple have been packed and stacked. It will probably be about a year before I see the contents of those boxes again.

Crochet Along Progress

The Pastel Squares Afghan is finished now. 
Quite pleased that it is finished but not too happy with the random squares as they all turned out a slightly different measurement which made the joining of them a little bit awkward. I think I managed to get the middle lines to behave as I joined the squares together, but that outside edge, well, I will have to talk a bit more sternly to that part. It needs blocking to try to get those edges straight. 
I probably will not be doing another 'random squares' afghan. Uniform squares would have a more professional finish.

And..... because my mind was thinking about the baby afghan colours.....
here is something else that just slipped off my crochet hook.


And now to reveal what I teased you with last week.

Meet Oscar...... he lives in Hampden Forest with his family and other villagers.
(He's not finished yet though. Needs more work on mouth, arms, hands, boots etc.)

This Oscar character is the start of my NEW project.
When he is finished he will sit on a log in the bush for a photo shoot, and then await the creation of his fellow Hampden Forest inhabitants.
I can see many wonderful hours spent creating this fantasy village, and finding family connections for them all.
Do I have fun, or what!!!

Have a great week.


Debra Spincic said...

Yes, you are the Queen of FUN!

Suztats said...

LOVE that little pink and white jacket! You've certainly been having lots of fun with your creations. Oscar looks very comfy. I wonder, if you added a few rows on the outside of your pastel squares afghan,especially in a wavy pattern, if it would disguise the wobbly edge? (If blocking doesn't work) I like the pastel choices.

cq4fun said...

You do have fun! Everything you showed is fun, and I look forward to seeing the Hampden Forest develop. Good luck with all the packing that's coming.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the afghan and I think it looks perfect and nicely handmade.

Oscar is too cute, can't wait to meet his family!

Judy S. said...

Don't pack away those amazing needles of yours, Cy! Love your #1 inhabitant of the Hampden Forest and can't wait to see his friends. Your afghan and jacket are beautiful!