August 27, 2013

Barbara's UFOs

Now that my sewing room is in order, I've resurrected some UFOs.  This quilt languished because I couldn't decide whether it was done, or if I was going to try to make it bigger.

At one point I made these blocks to make it bigger, but I didn't get the color placement right in some of them, and so I'm not crazy about the blocks.  I think I've decided that the quilt is done in it's current incarnation without the extra blocks.  At 42 x 42" it's big enough for a wall hanging or table topper.  Not that I need either, mind you.  I think that's also why this project got stalled.  I have decided that if I finish it, its purpose will eventually become clear.

I also brought out my basket blocks and I've actually been sewing up more of these.  They're 6" blocks, so I'll need lots of them to make anything of consequence.

I love ric-rack, and I'm using it for the handles of the baskets, sewing them up in same-color batches while I've got the right color thread in the machine.

They're very cheerful.  If you zoom in on the pictures of the first quilt, it has ric-rack too.  Maybe I'm working in a series now.


Judy S. said...

Clever idea to use rick rack for the handles. It's scary how many UFOs I've been finding! Yours have lots of potential.

cq4fun said...

I like calling it done. =) Your baskets are great, but they are so TINY! When I saw them next to the machine, I realized just how tiny!

Cyra said...

Lovely bright colours. Great catch up on the ufo's.

Cyra said...

p.s. I forgot to ask.... how the heck did you get all your curved seams on the top quilt so neat?

Debra Spincic said...

If you really want to use the black and white quilt for a quilt, how about a few more wide borders with the patchwork blocks as the cornerstones? With what you have you have enough for 2 more borders. If you make 2 more blocks, you could have 3 borders. Make the last border a piano key. It would work with this top and they eat up scraps.

Send it to me for quilting!

I have some great embroidered basket blocks I would trade you for a few charity tops if you wanted them for your little basket blocks. The little blocks would be super for sashing.

Here's the link to the designs:

I can photograph them if they appeal to you. I stitched them on eyelet & white fabrics.
I will not get to them this year or probably next so if you want them, they would help both of us finish a UFO! (and I could see them again when I quilt them!!)

Barbara C said...

I actually forget how I did it, I made these blocks so long ago. The blocks were probably paper pieced.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the circles quilt, if you don't have a place for it, it can always come live at my