July 2, 2013

Susan: Three More June Seams

Aaargh! I blew it! I was commenting on Debra's blog and it dawned on me it's Tuesday. So here's my post, ten hours late. =P

Three seams to show this time. One needs more done on it, and then there's one more seam. I'll show this completed next week, and piece July's block. This is a busy month, because my younger child is coming to live in my basement for a few months until he gets his life on track. When he leaves, I'm bricking up the basement!

Seam F5 is small, at the bottom of the silkie. This was inspired by a seam from Ati in Norway, but it looks nothing like Ati's at this point. =)

Seam F6 is the second of those flying geese I had lying around extra. I thought the quilt should have at least two angles like that. This one, though has the curvy explosion that makes it look very different.


Finally, here's Seam F7. It doesn't show up well, and it definitely needs something more. I have some ideas about what. I almost wish I'd done it in the middle of the seam, but I think it will be a good jumping off point. Wheatear.



ladyhawthorne said...

Very nice! I really like that curvy flying geese, like a spinning firework.

Debra Spincic said...

Me too! and wheatear is always a favorite.

Judy S. said...

No worries, Susan. Looks to me like it's still Tuesday? I, too, like the swirly blue seam and agree that it looks like a firework. Very appropriate for the Fourth! Glad you remembered as it was fun to see your handiworki!

Cyra said...

Another good stitching week for you. Great to see these seam treatments. Love the Catherine wheel firework.

Suztats said...

Great seams, Susan. I, too, like that curvy explosion. I t really looks like fireworks spinning on a wheel.

desertskyquilts said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. I guess this is really the fireworks block - a month early! LOL