July 3, 2013

Debra: Knitting

Plenty going on to keep me busy, so I may have to go to the doctor to get my head examined.

While I can see that some skills transfer to knitting, there are some skills that need to be refreshed and refined. Talk about picking a shawl pattern NOT suited for a beginner! I have unknitted more than I have knitted.

After reading Judy's hint about adding symbols to the chart, I enlarged my chart and added symbols too. My mom uses the board & magnet idea for keeping her place. When I got home, I pulled out my old cross stitch set to use too.

Today I hope to make some serious progress.

An idea I had a few years ago--

I want to find a sweater pattern that I like, knows fits well, & is basic.  Then, I want to design the stitches used for it.  Yea, it's what beginners do.  I swear sometimes I cannot get out of my own way.

My mom has this book she's "loaned" me that is a 365 day perpetual calendar with a new knit stitch each day.

You can see that it describes the basic design of the stitch quite well. 

After a few aborted attempts, I, too, had something that looked like the picture!  One thing good about the book is that you can use any needle size or yarn for the stitches.  You will just get a different size swatch.

My plan is to work through the mountain of scrap yarns from my mom's years of knitting.  I have an eye toward knitting panels that I can knit together for an afghan or a wallhanging (or if this gets overwhelming, a scarf!). 

I'll probably do sections with a "focus" stitch, then some garter stitch and then knit a new focus stitch. 

To be truthful, this is much more fun than that stupid shawl.  Oh MY.  I said it.
So while it is cool, I'll be on the back porch knitting.  It will get even more hot as the summer progresses and I know the studio will beckon me back in. 


cq4fun said...

This sounds distinctly like a sampler quilt or a scrap quilt, or both! =)

Debra Spincic said...

Bingo! We have a winner!

ladyhawthorne said...

You are definitely in the stash busting mode this year! If I was still having issues after several days, I'd switch projects too. I tried a knitting pattern once and it was obviously way above my skill level which is beginner. I gave it up as a total waste of time and never looked back.

Suztats said...


Judy S. said...

Judging from today's post on your other blog, you are on a roll! You are inspiring me to stash bust here! LOL

Cyra said...

Not satisfied with busting your own stash... you have now started on your mother's. lol love it. Thats what mothers are for isn't it.