July 31, 2013

Deborah: Sewing

I'm still trying to focus on garment sewing but the weekends just fly by and come Sunday evening it seems I've accomplished very little. We are still working away in the back yard, little by little. Not only is it expensive but very slow given our age and the size of the yard. Who wanted this big of a yard in the first place! When we moved in, the girls were very young and we wanted a big place for them to run around & play. Now we're stuck!

Nevertheless, in between digging and spreading mulch, I managed to sew a couple of seams together on this jacket:

I know that's a crazy print. Don't judge! ;-)

The fabric turned out to be a little sturdier than I expected so sewing it is not the breeze I thought it would be. However, given my questionable taste in fashion, I think it will be snazzy.

I haven't completely abandoned quilting for the summer.
I've pulled out some fabric from my stash and some that Debra sent me to put together some tops for her to quilt for charity quilts. I have a pile of those nine patch blocks to put together. Somehow.

My niece's baby made her appearance last Wednesday and she is a beauty!  It's very exciting and quite moving to see such a lovely, happy family just beginning. What a wonderful future in the making.  When my daughter was born, E. was 5 years old, running around at my baby shower, "helping" me open my gifts. 

How quickly the time flies by. 

One last thing: I want to put in a plug for a book I read: Taken for Granted by Lesley Spinelli.  If you have a Kindle, it's only $3.99. This is a self-published book, but came highly recommended and with good reason. It's  quick read, well-written with interesting characters, believable, well-paced story.  No easy ending, either. Very well thought out.  I hope this author continues to write. I think she could give Patricia Cornwell a run for her money!

(sorry to be late, yet again, running out of excuses)


Cyra said...

Love your choice of snazzy fabric for the jacket.
Charity quilts are always so much fun to make, and usually quick to stitch up too. Well done for getting yours done.
Congrats to your family on the new arrival. New babies are the best thing for quilters, stitchers, knitters & crocheters.
Time seems to have run away with a lot of us this week. I completely missed my posting day and will try to get a post done soon.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I will post a picture of the baby if the Mom gives me permission. I am glad I saved all those patterns from when my daughters were little - smocking, etc. I am looking forward to sewing for the baby.

Debra Spincic said...

Love the fabric for the jacket! Get that done ASAP and wear it!! Love it!

So sweet to have a new baby in the family. I envy you so much.

Suztats said...

I like that fabric for your jacket! I think it'll be very smart. Enjoy the baby--so precious....

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I'm glad you all liked the fabric. I'm going to get it done this weekend.

Really wish I lived closer to the baby.

Judy S. said...

It's summer and someone has turned the clock on fast forward, I just know it! Nice work on the things you have accomplished! That garden hollers loudly, at least ours does.