July 2, 2013

Barbara's Knit and Crochet

The granny square box is almost full.

When I lay out the scarf, I see that I need one or two more rows to approximate the 72-75 inches I'm going for.  I'm seriously running short of yarn at this point, and will dip into some untapped stash for more colors.

I sewed one row together and wet blocked it to see how much it would grow, and the growth was negligible: 1/4"- 1/2" in length and width.  So it's at least one more row, and probably a border as well.

Because I get the itch to start something new right about the time I start to see the end of a project, I knitted up some swatches for the Guernsey Triangle.  Yarn and needle choice are very important to maximize the texture in the stitch pattern.

My first sample was knit with some plain wool sock yarn in the recommended size 4 needle.  In the middle of the swatch I switched to size 3, and the top was knit in size 2.  If I were to use this yarn, I might even knit it on a #1 (though I would need more yarn) to get good stitch definition.  The photo makes the texture look better than it does in real life.

I got much better results with a ball of Plymouth Happy Feet, also a wool and nylon sock yarn.  You can see on the yarn tails that this yarn has a hard twist, so the stitch definition is superior.  Problem: I only have one ball, so I decided to see what else I could test.

I have 1800 yards of recycled cashmere from a sweater I unraveled.  The weight is a light fingering or heavy lace weight, so I put two strands together.

The stitch definition is very good, and it's squishy as all get out.  I'm going to use this yarn.

Test out a lot of yarns if you tackle this pattern, and maybe try a sport or dk weight or a smaller needle to get good stitch definition.  Making these adjustments will require more yardage than the pattern specifies.


Debra Spincic said...

Not feeling the love for the shawl but may reconsider in a day or two!

Your grannies look good!!

cq4fun said...

This winter, that scarf is going to brighten the days as well as warm your neck and head. Looks great. I like the last knit piece best, too. The pattern shows best, I think, though much of the language was Greek to me. LOL I just know what looks pretty.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love your granny squares, I need to learn how to crochet. I saw a photo on pinterest from 1877 and there was a granny square blanket in it! I had no idea this pattern was that old or older, I though it was a 1960's fad!

Judy S. said...

It looks good and you're recycling to boot. Love those granny squares!

Suztats said...

Love that scarf! It's going to be a head turner come wintertime. Your knitting looks great, too, and I applaud your patience with swatching to find the perfect yarn.

Cyra said...

I love your scarf too. Will be warm and cheery cone winter time.
Shawl swatches take time in working them, and I applaud your patience. I like the last one best. It will look gorgeous.