June 18, 2013

Susan: May Block Finished

If you don't count beading, that is. I think two of these seams will have beads.  The two I'm showing today. The blue one will have some gold beads, probably. I don't think anything else will show up. I'm still debating adding something to the bottom of that seam, something that goes over into the top of the next one down. The red on beige is supposed to look a little like sparklers - so I will audition several bead colors and see what I like best.

And now the whole block.


Debra Spincic said...

I don't think the blanket stitch treatment needs anything because the star fabric gives the illusion of embellishment. The sparklers, though, look like they need some beads or sparkle.

Overall, a very lacy look for your block. Nice!!

Suztats said...

That looks great, Susan! I think the red fireworks could do with a bit of sparkle, perhaps using a red metallic thread? Your idea of beads is good, too. I can imagine some silver-lined red bugle beads and seed beads and maybe some silver for bling without adding another colour. Perhaps the sparklers need a bit more filling out in a circular shape fanning around the sparkler stem? Or maybe I have a different idea of sparklers?
Beautiful stitching.

Cyra said...

Your stitching is always so neat Susan. Love the new seams. I was thinking maybe a splash of silver beads/sequins or similar to Suz idea.

ladyhawthorne said...

This whole piece is just going to be joyous with all the fireworks!

Barbara C said...

Beautiful work Susan, my favorite part is the "sparklers."