June 4, 2013

Deborah - Checking In

I had a busy week and weekend so nothing to show stitch wise. Yesterday I thought I would at least get a couple of flowers appliqued but I was having issues with burning, itching eyes all day. Can't figure it out - yesterday when I opened my eyes it felt like my eyelids were stick to my eyeballs! Ouch! Dry eyes, i suspect; so I have started using eye drops. They were still burning today but not as much. I hear it's a sign of old age. Well they did say it wasn't for sissies.

I may have to forego the quilting and get on to some garment sewing unless I want to wash out the same pair of slacks every night. That's about what my wardrobe has been reduced to. How does that happen?

And, sorry I am late posting. I hope the coming week is more productive.


Barbara C said...

I hope your eyes are better soon. Can't do much stitching with uncooperative eyes.

ladyhawthorne said...

My eyes started drying out in the evenings a couple of years ago. I also noticed I had trouble seeing well if driving after dark. I started taking billberry supplements a couple months ago and while I can't say they improved my night driving, my eyes seem to be less dry.

I know what you mean by wardrobes getting reduced. I noticed I need to seriously invest in some new undies unless I want to spend several hours repairing them :-O

cq4fun said...

I hope you feel better soon. Dry eyes can be painful, my best friend says. Better luck stitching this week.

Suztats said...

Hope next week gives you more free time to stitch, and eyes that aren't burning or itching.

Debra Spincic said...

My clothes pretty much suck lately too. I'm not sure I even have a shirt that doesn't have a stain on the front. I keep putting off shopping because the prices are so outrageous. I picked up a few things at Goodwill the other day and with what is left of my decent outfits, I can probably limp through the summer with some kind of fashion sense.

Cyra said...

Hope your eyes are getting better Deborah. Definitely not fun having that problem.
I've just sent two bin-bags full of good clothes to the good-will shop. No point me hanging on to them if I'm not going to wear them anymore. Funny how I just "go off" things in my wardrobe. I also gave hubby a bag-full of very old t-shirts to use as rags in the workshop. My wardrobe now looks empty but I'm not in the mood for a shopping spree.