May 7, 2013

Suz- May Block and Wrapping Cloth

Hi everyone. I've had lots of nice stitching time this week (hope you have, too) and I've made some progress on my block:

 this pretty butterfly welcomes May

this beautiful hairpin lace was created by Annet . I've been saving her pieces for something very special, and decided they would be lovely on my CQJP 2013 wall hanging.
Isn't it gorgeous?

a few French knots added below the lace trim

some buttonhole lace made with two different threads.......

and May looks very pretty

I added another cutwork circle and a bumpy bit to Piece #3 of my wrapping cloth.


Then some decorations for the large pocket

rows of edging, and here's a collage of piece # 3completed!

Piece #4 is a WIP
this is how it looked pinned together

I made a little puff, and added a skirt and some beads
and placed it

added some buttonhole lace, x-stitches and multiple tatted frilly rows to make a frilled edging

hmm, sorry the picture is looking blue's really white

well, that's my stitching this week.

I love to get your feedback, so please do comment. Thanks.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

The May block is just lovely, they all are. Very feminine, light & airy.

Debra Spincic said...

Love the flower puff made from eyelet--very nice!

Everything about these 2 projects is really captivating. I can only imagine how pretty they are in person.

cq4fun said...

Your May block is looking beautiful. I think your wrapping cloth is influencing your cq. =) Love that button puff with the skirt. Great idea.

Munir said...

The Butterfly is very pretty !

Barbara C said...

There are so many lovely details in these projects. The cutwork circles are especially nice.

Pat in KS said...

Love Your May Block! I have never done cutwork but I like what you have done, maybe try in the future. Lots of Eye Candy!

Suztats said...

Thank you everyone!

Cyra said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, and even more gorgeousness. Let me go and indulge my senses one more time......... hmmmm..........yep, sure is gorgeous. I was right the first time. xxx